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haha what he said was it means so much to him and his wife courtney to be part of this event in his second home dodger stadium all the way to the dream center dream center is a non-profit foundation where they support children and education, they support youth baseball, they support homeless veterans right now when all these runners get to the dream center they’ll be collecting canned food and clothing they’re also supporting pads and a foundation to get all those pets in shelters into homes, so they’re a very. >> Philanthropic ul couple the turner’s and I tell ya at 8 o’clock we’ll play the interview and it will be worth the wait is justin is just such a humble person and his wife a little camera shy not going to lie she took off on a 5 k fully ready to run. >> With hundreds of other angelenos and we will be a live one more time in 8 o’clock hour. Maybe we’ll find some other stragglers or get to that finish line to show you all the runners by the way our viewers are so sweet and wonderful they were just to get up and give us a little high 5 on there and we loved morning chavez ravine thanks guys, yeah, really easy back to really quick them how to house the temperature I feel like a little bit of a breeze is it comfortable for >> There’s definitely a breeze I feel about it was taking a picture of justin in my hair just hit him in to still comfortable we’re I think we’re about 8384 degrees out here right definitely going to heat up as you all know even talking about all morning dry comfortable so far well that’s a good way to start the race at least all right cool out there. All right, thanks and we’ll talk to a bit. >> By the way if you like samantha cortese watch every day for the final cay ktla plus app with 5 live. It’s a great show to my mom and baby are show apparently it more and more than come on you show and you know I just walked by their room and bite me and to come you know talking yeah whether you’re wearing makeup or not they’ll just sit in that chair and throw my condo her nanny there blast several areas, yeah, check it out all right outside we go we are seeing sunshine. This morning most mostly sunny skies. It’s a cool shot from our morongo casino camera this morning, although the camera is shaking a bit as the winds have already picked up in those inland spots, so you can’t see it on here but she is right at 83 degrees downtown 80 in santa monica. >> 82 for van I 71 in lancaster and 83 for santa ana. Most of us seeing temperatures warmer than this time yesterday. It is a little bit cooler though for lancaster and ontario winds will pick up in the next couple of actually not the next couple of hours this afternoon between 2 3 o’clock that’s what the yellow on here is a 20 to 25 miles per hour gusts. And we’ll get a little bit stronger for some areas today, it’s still below advisory level but when you had winds of any kind to triple digits and lower humidity percentages. That’s when we get the elevated fire danger right now we’re feeling a bit muggy. These numbers are a little bit higher than what we’re used to 77% in big bear and that is because we could see some more thunderstorms this afternoon so this post tropical javier why am I showing you this well a lot of people will be headed to the beach today and tomorrow for the holiday and we are expecting to see some elevated surf with dangerous rip currents because of that post tropical storm so just keep that in mind unless you’re an experienced swimmer I know it’s hot outside not a good idea to be out there the excessive heat warning in effect for everyone right now in this pink shaded area most of us it will last through wednesday evening, there are some spots in the county where that will expire on tuesday, the heat advisory can’t forget these beach communities. They’re also under one of these advisory so for ventura county la county that will expire on monday orange county beaches the heat advisory will expire few until tuesday. Highs for today, one ’05 for simi valley won 13 for woodland hills, one ’08 and burbank. One oh one for long beach one o one for bell 96 degrees in garden grove today, one ’02 for yorba linda. 90 degrees today for the going to be 1 ’06 in corona, inland empire, triple digits for you for the next several days all the way through thursday actually by friday we’re back to the 90’s and below average next saturday, mostly cloudy with a chance of rain, san fernando valley won 13 today, sunny now and we do have a slight chance of seeing some of those thunderstorms linger into the valley from the desert and mountains this afternoon. One 11 on monday temperatures will stay extremely hot through friday back to the low 90’s by saturday back to you. >> All right. 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