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>> I culture that promotes and the thought I am for a >> We’ve got all of this day culture inside I want to raise an my parents are both and I’m happy to be here. >> Independents they are now like you’re going to be riding in the parade you’re going to be on the route waving to everybody right, I got my weight >> Keep >> Us away from the >> A lot going on to that the justin turner foundations turner tried 5 k fun run also took place this morning and for a great cause. The run started over a dodger stadium and then continued on to sunset boulevard out along echo park lake. The race ended with a finisher festival at the dream center. The center serves as a resource focused on providing support for the homeless. The hungary and the lack of education through residential and community outreach programs. >> To be able to do it for our foundation to raise money and get back to our community is is pretty special and. All the support that we have this is unbelievable that people are waking up this early in the morning coming out here. >> On a hot day like today get some exercise and. >> And if you are unable to get out there and participate today and you’d still like to donate you can just go to the justin turner foundation dot com slash donate even though it was early in the morning, wow they are a lot more motivated me haha I want to go for a run and I went and I stepped outside and felt like someone had a hair dryer his back inside so hot this morning. Oh my goodness indeed in we had record heat throughout the afternoon today and we’re going to see more of the same as we head into your labor day monday afternoon. We’ve got a heat dome we’re going to talk about that we are also monitoring some monsoon moisture that’s continuing to stick around communities tonight up in the desert, the in particular as we look live from downtown hollywood griffith observatory griffith park off into the horizon just a beautiful night and finally we’re getting a little bit of of course relief from the record high temperatures that we have dealt with today, here’s the moisture that was mentioning to you we saw some thunderstorms associated with a good lightning strikes over the last hour to an hour and a half. The cell here though however is beginning to fade out losing little bit of steam losing its punch still a couple of lightning strikes there since perry again just to the south west of southeast rather of there. But that’s dangerous also because we do not want to see those dry lightning strikes. Spark a wildfire very easily and we will see more of the moisture for both tomorrow afternoon into tuesday afternoon as well temperatures comfortable through santa monica at 79 degrees right now will get warmer divan dies at 85 83 degrees up in the lancaster area where we’re going to continue to see this excessive heat warning taking us all the way through the midweek portion of the forecast once again high deserts most of the valleys foothills sections even our mountain communities and out to the coastal sections. Newport beach today, a record high of 97 degrees so the beaches are not out of the woods in terms of the heat coming your way for labor day afternoon either and once again. Ridge of high pressure bringing the heat and it is what we refer to as a heat dome we’re basically in case to in this heat, not allowing the warm temperatures to escape often to the higher levels of the atmosphere in our overnight lows are quite warm as well. Overnight lows temperatures anywhere from about the mid 70’s to the low 80’s once again through the night tonight. So that heat dome is going to stick right on top of southern california through wednesday thursday probably as well then by friday it will begin to break down then we’re going to start to monitor. What is now tropical storm. This is k winds sustained at 45 miles per hour gusting up to 60 you can see just off the west coast of mainland mexico. But is kate grows in strength through the night tonight could become a category one hurricane tomorrow from tuesday night into wednesday should become a category 2 hurricane just off of cabo lucas and then we’ll watch case start to make her way in a northerly direction by friday night of this upcoming workweek and into the beginning of next weekend case going to bring us a lot of cloud cover we could see some thunderstorms. Rainfall and case going to help to push that ridge of high pressure out of the southwest and cover up a lot of the sunshine to bring our temperatures to some