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>> The race for orange county district attorney is widening tonight former federal prosecutor peter harden announcing his candidacy current district attorney todd spitzer was in the crowd as hard made his announcement. Harden says his experience as a former judge advocate in the U.S. marine corps, and as a former local and federal prosecutor has informed his views on crime and punishment. >> If elected I will work to end cash bail. Ending the practice of punishing people for their socioeconomic status. If I’m elected I will no longer seek the death penalty. I will seek life without parole finally when that mister hardin start to speak it became unequivocally clear. >> That he wants to be the next george gascon for orange county. >> It’s set to be a long and heated race the election is still more than a year and a half away. >> A local food bank has hit a milestone 5 million meals served during the pandemic the dream center in echo park received food donations from various sources in order to serve so many in need. Meals are prepared on site but there are also kits containing many items for families to use at home. The dream center also serves as a housing facility to shelter homeless men and women after being closed for the past year the la county museum of art is set to reopen april 1st with 6 new exhibitions tickets go on sale march 25th at 10:00am. >> All visitors, including members must purchase or reserve tickets prior to visiting. The museum says visitors must wear a mask at all times and remain socially distanced and must pass an online health screening at a temperature truck check prior to entry. The aquarium of the pacific reopen to the public today about that visitors can now explore both the outdoor and indoor areas of the long beach facility for the first time since last summer. The aquarium is limiting the number of visitors to 25% capacity. Reservations are required all guests must wear masks take a temperature check and maintain social distancing. >> A camera captured a large black from its data under a vacant house in lake taupo the bear took one long. One long look at the camera before scampering off into a neighbor’s yard. There are actually 2 male bears that call that at home. Wildlife experts say they’re seeing an increase in black bears in urban settings because it provides them with easy food. >> And oh lee >> You know sunshine. Yeah, it’s like you’re waking up in someone’s looking in your window. My that is so fun and we love those animal videos love those animal videos because they’re on video and it’s a safe distance away right, especially when it comes to black bears. >> Outside a beautiful before my downtown los angeles camera as you can see it is just a gorgeous evening, the winds are finally calm down. But if you are going to go out for one last walk could you know you may have to take the dog out put on a jacket it is brisk outside it is cold. Tomorrow they’re going to be another beautiful day and speaking of beautiful days take a look at this great weather fire sent to us by john alvarado from the loma linda looking towards the mountains gorges thank you so much john really appreciate it. Outside right now if you are in downtown los angeles. Calm winds practically claire 51 degrees. 50 in fullerton 48 in ontario in 49 in camry o as we look at the 500 millibar track this is basically the chart that tells you where the weather features are that are going to be impacting our region. We do have a warming trend coming compliments of this dome of high pressure that is building just to the south. We are going to see it stick around for a couple of days by friday, we’re going to see that get pushed out by a trop of low pressure sitting over the pacific that is going to slide in at this point it looks like it’s going to travel inland, which means it will be primarily a dry system and if we get anything from it anything at all it will be the winds that’s really about it unless it takes a different track in at this point we’re still a couple days out so we’re just going to keep an eye on it and see where it travels and then we’ll have a better idea of what it will bring with it in the meantime tomorrow, a beautiful day 66 degrees in lancaster and palmdale same a pasedena our beaches whether you’re in los angeles, ventura or orange county, even san diego we’re looking at temperatures mostly along the coast in the low 60’s. Further inland mid to upper 60’s and that’s the metro areas and again further inland. Victorville 66 degrees 68 if you’re in san bernardino all right how about that extended forecast beautiful day tomorrow. We are going to see partly cloudy skies. 67 degrees you’re finally back to average on thursday friday, even though you are going to see morning clouds, plenty of