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containment now stands at 91%. Flames broke out last wednesday and quickly consumed more than 5,000 acres, a total of 2 structures were destroyed, including one home. The cause of the fire is still under investigation and damage from that road fire on the interstate 5 continues to be a problem for motorists that are trying to head north. >> 2 of the northbound lanes of the 5 are going to remain closed all weekend all the way until tuesday as caltrans assesses the damage to some of the retaining walls caused by that fire. The closed lanes of the freeway extend for about 3 miles starting near parker road all the way up 2 around vista del lago road that’s just above pyramid lake caltrans is advising drivers you may want to take the one o one freeway or state route 14. As an alternate over the next 3 or 4 days. >> Now at 5 excessive speed may have played a crash played a role rather in this crash in winnetka it happened early this morning near the intersection of corbin and vanna when witnesses say the car was traveling fast and hit one of those drainage tips then the driver lost control and the car slammed into a power pole then a tree, no word on how many people were in that car or the condition of the driver. Turning now to breaking news in canada. A deadly stabbing spree claims the lives of 10 victims and another 15 people are hospitalized 2 suspects being sought at this time for the mass murders authorities saying the victims were found in 13 separate locations. >> Now the attacks happened all across canada central province. The first one was reporting around 5.40 in the morning and then more calls started flooding in as the men attacked more than 2 dozen victims seemingly ad that ran the the suspects have been identified as 31 year-old damien sanderson and 30 year-old miles sanderson they’re still on the run and should be considered armed and dangerous. >> Good crowd out at the ravine today that justin turner foundations turner truck 5 k fun run took place this morning at dodger stadium and it was all for good cause look. >> The run kicked up a dodger stadium and continued on to sunset boulevard along echo park lake. The race ended with the finisher festival at the dream center the center serves as a focused on providing support for homelessness