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with a gofundme page a goal of $15,000. So they feel more protected it’s a big campus and has ways to points of entry and so having cameras outside inside whatnot would would very beneficial and also that security system would. The one that alerts law enforcement. And church leaders say as you see this empty space doesn’t it feel so odd to see the altar with no cross will they are praying in the meantime you have the heart to help them out. We have link you up to their gofundme page that’s on ktla dot com bring live from pasadena jean can’t back to the studio jean, thank you. >> And we still have a lot more coming up on the ktla news at 6 many all are already getting ready to head back to school today a lot of the kids got some help from one of the dodgers star players how he’s making sure these kids are getting excited to return to the classroom plus it’s only july but that’s not going to stop halloween lovers from getting prepared for spooky season. We’ll show you the sights and sounds of the midsummer scream convention. Watching Mom never lets me get what I want… but this time… -Honey… -Please! No. Yes! Yes? This brand for this price? That’s really cute! Oh, ho, ho. Ring me up! I told y’all I’m coming for those deals! Big deals. When the savings are this good… [together] Yes! You’ll never believe what I found! …no brand is safe. What! I literally have the receipts. Get ready to say yes for less. At Ross. >> Dodgers ace clayton kershaw on hand today for the 10th annual back to school bash in echo park. The pitcher helped hand out thousands of school supplies and also backpacks to local children to help prepare them for the upcoming school year. Kershaw teamed up with the los angeles dream center and the los angeles dodgers foundation to help kids get excited about school. >> You know I remember when I was a kid how much I love getting school supplies and going to get your binders and your crayons and colors and all that stuff so. For these kids to be able to get that stuff be able to be excited about it see all these people here that are really invested in their education. I hope that I hope that helps them start school on the right note and I’m getting excited about. >> Yeah, it certainly can and the first day of school for hundreds of thousands of students in the los angeles unified school district is august 14th. >> It’s called the ultimate horror extravaganza has returned to long beach this weekend midsummer scream allows fans to immerse themselves in a spine. Chilling realm of terror and also thrills. >> But a journalist chris gribkowsky gives us a look.