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>> I you want come in costume I found best possible costume to come a basketball. >> Guess that’s improvising that’s what it would be right, yeah 5 we’ll see a little bit as for the lakers. >> It’s only only took 6 games with finally, they got their long-awaited first victory of the season beating the denver nuggets last night and you have to wonder could last night’s win provide a template a formula if you will for the team to replicate going forth. Anthony davis returned after missing friday’s game in minnesota was aggressive early finished with 23 points 15 rebounds, but the big story. Russell westbrook coming off the bench to move that has worked head coach darvin ham is hoping it’s something they can build on. >> You have to prove it to ourselves I feel great about how we responded. Throughout the have these little lows but guys to come back. And we make a play we get a big stop get a big guys just fighting all 48 minutes. >> Nfl the rams just can’t seem to get any traction they have been able to want find this offensive line the injuries apollo up yesterday all pro receiver cooper kupp suffered an ankle injury sean mcvay says there’s tissue swelling, but that cup didn’t suffer any structural damage and he is expected to play this upcoming sunday quick break still to come. >> A high honor for a long time dodgers details of the ford sports final 2. Vo: Climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. Destroying our forests. Threatening our communities. Polluting our air. Prop 30 taxes those making over $2 million a year. No one else pays a penny. 30 will reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. And prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. So we have clean air to breathe. This is about our kids’ future. Omar: Prop 30 helps contain fires and combat tailpipe emissions. Vote yes on 30. We’ve got our vision… and so much to choose from. But with free design services our budget and our time are well spent. At Floor and Decor, with a wide selection of products all at everyday low prices, creating a space to match your taste has never been easier. Discover Floor and Decor today! Narrator: These lying ads, attacking Katie Porter. Orange County hates being lied to and getting ripped off. So, Katie Porter fights like hell to protect OrangeCounty taxpayers. Blasting her own party for congressional earmarks that waste our money. Leading the fight to ban congressional stock trading. And cracking down on oil company price gouging, so we stop paying for Big Oil’s greed. That’s Katie Porter. Protecting Orange County taxpayers. Getting things done. Katie: I’m Katie Porter, and I approve this message. I see it in my office all the time. Kids getting hooked on flavored tobacco, including e-cigarettes. Big Tobacco lures them in with flavors like lemon drop and bubble gum, candy flavors that get them addicted to tobacco products, and can lead to serious health consequences, even harming their brain development. That’s why pediatricians urge you to vote Yes on Prop 31. It stops the sale of dangerous flavored tobacco and helps protect kids from nicotine addiction. Please vote Yes on 31. Vote Yes on Prop 31. >> Big dollars for justin turner, the dodgers 3rd baseman today named the recipient of the 2022 river do clemente award his foundation supported homeless veterans he’s been intimately involved with the dream center large donations to the food bank donated over 70,000 toys. 14,000 bicycles more than a $100,000 to children’s hospital away. Jt was given the award earlier today in philadelphia. >> This is a tremendous honor very special award. I think. When you think about baseball