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>> We know that getting your kids vaccinated if they’re 12 and older works we know having more adults, teachers us people who are working in schools works and for kids who are under 12 the best thing we can do is ensure that every adult around them is vaccinated and that this type of a step as it is a step toward that so definitely a positive side of students who don’t get the vaccine who don’t have a medical exemption by the spring semester. They all in role in our independent study program we have about 15,000 of our over 600,000 students right now currently enrolled in the independent study for a variety decisions that need. >> And you just heard a board member who appeared earlier today on cnn really outlining the options here if this policy does go into effect if this mandate moves forward for those who parents out there which is not to have their children vaccinated so we’re keeping an eye on this again that big meeting coming up today, it starts at 2 o’clock we’ll send it back to now the studio. >> All right kareen thanks for the update. Vaccine mandates could cost companies some employees a washington post, abc news survey found that 70% of unvaccinated americans say they would quit their job if their employer made vaccinations mandatory without medical or religious exemptions. But on the other side, the same poll found more than half of all americans do favor vaccine requirements in the workplace. More business is now expected to issue mandates because the pfizer vaccine has received full approval from the fda. And we know now the president biden plans to enact some new vaccination guidelines mandating federal employees and contractors to get the shot the president will officially announce the mandate along with a revamped strategy to fight the covid-19 delta variant later this afternoon. >> Ktla five’s trevor shirley has more now from washington dc. President biden is expected to call in the private sector to do more to try to stop the spread of the virus. >> And make more calls for expanded access to testing. Covid cases are skyrocketing in hospitals in some parts of the country are at critical capacity. The fear is that if these covid numbers don’t start to come down. We could be in for a very dangerous and deadly autumn and winter. When you pair cold and flu season with covid-19. Reports say the president today will lay out a new 6 pronged approach. Those focus areas will include getting shots into the unvaccinated making booster shots available keeping schools open and increasing testing and masking the president will likely put particular pressure on the private sector to do its part which includes calling on more private companies to mandate vaccines for their employees. Yesterday press secretary jen psaki laid out the president’s goals, he’s going to lay out the 6 steps tomorrow because we have more work to do and we’re still at war. >> With the virus and with the delta variant so we’re going to build on that work. And he’s speaking to it now because this issue of course is on front of mind top of mind to americans across the country. >> It’s not clear though whether or not the president will address the issue of getting kids under 12 vaccinated but many health experts believe that authorization will happen in the next few months, reporting in washington, I’m trevor shirley ktla, 5 news. And a gubernatorial recall race candidate, kevin focht are held a rally outside the courthouse in downtown la today to talk about ways to combat crime and homelessness. >> He also says he will put more focus on the rights of crime victims and their families. >> I said before we have to put our victims first in california. It changed the dynamic of what’s going on in our great state. I’m also going to insure. We take strong firm and compassionate action like I did as mayor of san diego by limiting our tent encampments on the sidewalks. >> According to a new poll faulkner has 4% of the vote. He’s also now a point ahead of businessman john cox, but both are well behind republican radio host, larry elder. >> And larry elder will be campaigning in downey tonight, he’s going to be fielding questions by several host of the event which includes representatives of the national hispanic christian leadership conference. >> A statewide flex alert has been extended through tonight as some areas deal with extremely hot temperatures officials from cal, iso are asking residents to conserve electricity. From 04:00pm until 09:00pm to the stress on the power grid and help prevent fires ways to conserve electricity include setting thermostats to 78 degrees or higher. Avoid using major appliances like washing machines and turning off all unnecessary lights. >> Good advice just when we need that ac right kai back a little just a little bit let’s all help each other out that’s what the flex alert is indeed about and we are going to see