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were backed up on pch trying to get into that area and then huntington beach again a little bit of a crowd. There were some spots spots on the beaches you might want to see when we get into huntington beach but parking spots were at a minimum, so that’s one thing you have to be patient for if there’s one good spot. I would say of all the places we drove through. It was probably huntington state beach that’s south of the main city beach area in huntington beach of course you have to pay their, but there seem to be not much traffic getting in there and a lot of parking spots we saw as we did get in there one of the worst places probably with job saying shortly newport beach that area if you go by the pier there in newport beach any kind of busy weekend. It horrible as far as parking goes right in that area, you just got to be very patient and just kind of plan on spending a lot of time waiting for a parking spot and the beach itself in that area. There near the pier always very so the situation that’s what it looks like in the reason we’re showing the parking spots because of your with us yesterday. You probably saw that in malibu they had a situation where the beaches got so crowded they had to cut people off and shut down some of the parking lot because there are just too many people there and not enough spaces so. >> If you’re coming out to the beaches are some things are going to keep in mind. Again we’re back now here live on through corona del mar going make our way in the laguna beach our next stop and we’ll have that for you coming up on the ktla news that one but for now reporting live here in corona del mar making our way down the coast chip yost ktla, 5 news all right. >> Have fun ship. Well police in northward say that they know who the suspect is in a deadly shooting at an engagement party it happened last night during an argument ktla is gene kang has the latest. Hi there this quickly went from celebration to tragedy with shots fired in the parking lot behind me this is the venue where than gauge men party was being held detectives say 29 year-old edgar rodriguez was shot and killed. They’re searching for the suspect a man in his 30’s. Take a look police say rodriguez was shot multiple times in his chest after a fight with another man it started inside the pre wedding party and spilled into the parking lot where shots went off terrified party, goers called 911 around 11 o’clock last night officers say several men were part of the fight and one victim was pistol whipped in the head. A family friend tells me rodriguez was the uncle of the soon-to-be groom and everyone was dancing singing and eating inside when violence broke out on par, street by shirley avenue. Homicide detectives are talking to dozens of witnesses and going over possible cellphone and surveillance video of the shooting and suspect taking off. >> One c act was committed here he fled to eastern part in street on foot we do have him identified, I’m not going to release his name at this point detectives are searching for a man in his 30’s accused of killing rodriguez a family friend says the wedding is scheduled for september 17th. But now they’re forced to plan a funeral as well. Reporting here in northridge gene kang ktla, 5 news. >> Other news right now a federal judge has granted a request by former president trump’s legal team for a special master to review documents seized by the fbi from mar-a-lago last month that decision orders a third-party attorney from outside the government to review the documents the rulings also stop the justice department from continuing its own review. However, the dot says this was the doj says this move was not necessary because it already reviewed all potentially privileged documents. The justice department says some of the items seized from the former president’s palm beach estate include classified documents. 2. >> The justin turner foundations turner tried 5 k fun run took place yesterday morning all for a good cause. The run started to dodger stadium and continued on to sunset boulevard along echo park lake. The race ended with a finisher festival at the dream center the center serves as a reef. The source focused on providing support for homelessness hunger. And the lack of education to residential and community outreach programs. To be able to do it for our foundation to raise money and get back to our community is is pretty special and. >> All the support that we have this is unbelievable that people are waking up this early in the morning coming out here on a hot day like today get some exercise and. If you are unable to participate would like to donate to the cause you can just go to justin turner foundation dot com slash donate. And a big crowd out there now. Tom cruise is one of the busiest actors in hollywood, he just had a successful run with a top gun sequel and now we are getting a sneak peek at his next film mission impossible dead reckoning part one.