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>> And $3,000 for children 6 to 17 teeters children are 8, 2, months, I hate even add up for monthly bill because it gets so over it, feels overwhelming what you receive only based on your personal income and family dynamic. The american rescue plan calculator figures out what your economic impact payment will be on the web site a user can put in their data for example if you could yes that you filed selected married as your status. Could you have 2 dependents and set your income to $70,000 a year the calculator estimates you will likely receive about $5,600 but just how fast will people see that jack tax experts say do not expect the money to arrive overnight. The irs is still processing nearly 7 million returns submitted last year for the 2019 returns, partly because of the filing deadline being stunned it during the pandemic there’s been such a delay and a lot of it was they were completely shut down. >> And even now a lot of them, you know they’re working remotely they’re not at full capacity. >> Accountant kelly nagl says the process will likely only be bogged down further as the irs processes a 3rd round of stimulus payments plus changes with unemployment money not being taxed and the new american rescue plan may forced millions to file amendments to the return clogging up the system further her top suggestion be patient. >> Patient with us because it is changing its. It’s going to change more felicia bolton news nation chicago. >> Now the enhanced child tax credit is only law for this year democrats do want to make it permanent republicans say it would be too costly. >> A local food bank is celebrating a milestone of 5 million meals served during the pandemic the dream center in echo park has been receiving food donations from various sources around the community local restaurants and also corporations. Males are prepared on site but there are also kids containing many items for families to use at home. The pastor behind it says could have happened without the help of the city and many private citizens, matthew barnett recalled how bleak things looked for the meal goal at the start of the pandemic. >> We realize that for 90 straight days. We’ll be serving people for 11 hours in a row. All of our team all of our staff everyone begin relief worker. Amazing people that alongside of us people like this is market rose tacos. >> The dream center also serves as a housing facility officials announced an expansion of 42 family rooms that are now ready to shelter homeless men and women. >> The aquarium of the pacific fully reopens to the public today visitors can now explore both outdoor exhibits and the indoor areas of the facility in long beach. The aquarium’s 3 main galleries have been closed to the public since the summer as part of safety protocols. The aquarium is limiting the number of visitors to 25% capacity and reservations are required all guests are asked to wear a mask take a temperature check and maintain social distancing. While visiting. >> Up next a reuben has your entertainment highlights plus the broadway inspiration behind a group of doctors pushing to get everyone vaccinated and kacey montoya is here app forecast today a little bit warmer than yesterday but conditions will be dry we’ll talk about the warm-up ahead of the first weekend of spring that’s coming up.