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big honors for justin turner, the dodgers 3rd baseman today named the recipient of the 2022 clemente award. >> Through his foundation, he supported homeless veterans has been intimately involved with the dream center large donations to the food bank donated over 70,000 toys for 2000 bicycles more than a $100,000 for children’s hospital, los angels, j t given the award earlier today in philadelphia. >> This is a tremendous honor a very special award a sink. When you think about baseball and history and all the great accolades that can be achieved on the field, you know this is one that stands out above all of them for me. >> Congratulations to justin and his wife courtney who was a big part of that they do so much to give back to our community let’s go back to guys terrific karen thanks that is it for the news at 10 next 11 the changes that could be coming to twitter that may end up costing you money plus gunfire erupts at a halloween party leaving 2 young men dead the surveillance video capturing the chaos you’ll see only on 5 next at 11. Narrator: These lying ads, attacking Katie Porter. Orange County hates being lied to and getting ripped off. So, Katie Porter fights like hell to protect OrangeCounty taxpayers. Blasting her own party for congressional earmarks that waste our money. Leading the fight to ban congressional stock trading. And cracking down on oil company price gouging, so we stop paying for Big Oil’s greed. That’s Katie Porter. Protecting Orange County taxpayers. Getting things done. Katie: I’m Katie Porter, and I approve this message. What makes the train so magical? It’s not just the enchanting call of the whistle or the adventurous spirit in every bend of the track. It’s about where it goes. To places. And faces. And the warmest of memories. The magic of the train is more than how it takes us away. It’s how it brings us together. >> Now at 11 and only on 5 new surveillance video of a halloween party that turns into tragedy when gunman opened fire killing 2 young