Leading from the Deep End | Life is Like Music

So often in life we try to become like someone else. Without question, there are people who we want to emulate because of their strong, positive character. The danger is when we no longer realize that we are meant to be our own, unique person. Today we are honored to host a guest post by author Mark Nation who launches a new book this week: Made for Amazing: An Instrumental Journey of Authentic Leadership Transformation. May it encourage and inspire you!

Music is one of life’s rare “larger than life” themes; it is as old as history itself, residing in virtually every living element. Music can soothe the soul, reach broadly with its messages, spark creative dialogue, build character, and enhance self-esteem. We all recognize the visceral emotion a song evokes, as it touches our hearts and moves our spirits; we can truly feel it.

Aside from being a general music fan, I believe music, in many ways, is a metaphor for life. We all have music within us and are trying to play the notes of “song.” We partner with others to create bands, groups, and symphonies. Each song—whether a solo or team effort—is stitched together into set of albums that ultimately represent our very lives. In music, there is literally something for everyone.

Finding purpose and passion is like finding your song. When you discover your true song and play it well, you slowly but surely become the masterpiece you were created to be. Life is an ever-unfolding journey that inspires us—no, begs us—to find our own “song” which is what I call our authentic leadership and life purpose.

Sometimes, we stumble and our song doesn’t resonate well because we aren’t fully in tune with that soulful place within, where deep power meets lyrical elegance. Maybe we’ve lost passion, or been derailed in some way. During these times, it’s so easy to feel empty inside, lose touch with our voice, or believe we have no rhythm nor harmony. When you lose a job, or perhaps retire, it can even seem like a record screeching to a halt (or for today’s modern music listener, the silence between switching playlists).

However, when we overcome personal limitations and combat mental resistance we begin to find our song again—or a completely new melody, style, or genre is birthed. The song that beats within each of us helps us to spend our lives honing our incredible talents in ways that contribute positively to the world.

We each must find our own unique melodic pathway, self-managing the effort to discover and create meaning as our song emerges within us. For this reason, it is crucial for you to get in tune, think carefully about the music you are putting out into the world, and make every effort to remain in tune throughout your career. Of course, your work should change and mature across seasons, just as any great artist who seeks to build a successful collection that endures over time.

The world is your stage, and your life is the song. We’re all counting on you to bring everything you have to the performance; commit to gifting the world with a legacy of beautiful music that will endure through the ages. When you focus on finding your true song and playing for all you’re worth, a timeless melody will burst forth, striking a powerful chord with others. This is the kind of melody that can inspire for generations, perhaps forever. This is your destiny. Play you must.

Mark Nation is a globally-recognized management expert, leadership consultant, executive coach, author, and speaker. He is personally driven to discover what makes individuals, teams, and organizations amazing—those elements which power the heart and soul of individuals and businesses worldwide. His new bookMade for Amazing: An InstrumentalJourney of Authentic Leadership Transformation, helps people to identify and optimize their unique talents.

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