Lifezette | Father’s Day Message: The Best Dads Don’t Need a Solution to Every Problem

He seemed to want to settle in for another long conversation in which I’d give him advice that he’d then choose to ignore.

Instead, I stood up and clapped him on the shoulder. “If you want to take up my time again, make sure you know the names of all your daughter’s friends. And tell me all about them.”

I spoke again in that city again about a year later — and he wasn’t there.

We men understand that our responsibilities are to protect and provide for our families. Often, the most important thing we can provide is to make them feel loved. All too often, men listen for an assignment: We listen for something to do, or for a problem to solve. Yet sometimes, just listening and caring is all our loved ones really need.

To be a true disciple of Jesus, one must take a genuine interest in the cares of others. Things that wouldn’t normally interest us become interesting because they matter to someone we love.

As you examine your life in Christ, don’t look at the outside — at whether you’re following a certain set of rules. Instead, look on the inside. Do you take a genuine interest in what’s important to others? Do you pray daily for them? Do you authentically wish the best for them?

If not, take a deep look into your heart and ask God to help you to see others through the eyes with which He sees them.

He will answer that prayer, and the world will begin to look vastly different and more interesting.

This Father’s Day, I pray that God gives you and me and all fathers the patience and strength to really listen. IpPray that He makes us fathers worth celebrating.

Ken Harrison is CEO and chairman of the new era of Promise Keepers. Its 2020 national event will take place July 31-August 1 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas (home of the Dallas Cowboys). Founded in 1990 by Coach Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers was one of the largest Christ-centered movements ever. Today, Promise Keepers is calling men back to courageous and bold servant-leadership as changemakers for their families, churches and communities. Ken also serves as CEO of WaterStone, a Christian Community Foundation that oversees donations of millions of dollars per month to build God’s kingdom. After a career as an LAPD street cop in South Central, Harrison spent nearly two decades in the commercial real estate arena. He’s been married to his wife, Elliette, for 28 years, and they have three children. Harrison’s newest book is “The Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible Says About Being a Man.”

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