LifeZette | On Palm Sunday, Scores of Christians Will ‘March for Eternal Life’

The very day after anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment “March for Our Lives” events occur across the nation, Texas Christians will be spreading an important message of their own on Sunday.

Call it the counter-cultural, counter-secular message — one that sorely needs to be heard.

As Washington, D.C., and many other cities prepare for millions of people to descend upon their streets on Saturday, the city of Dallas is preparing for a very different sort of “march.”

“We’re going to have thousands of Christians in Dallas join us for what we’re calling the March for Eternal Life. We’ll be carrying a giant, illuminated cross through the streets of downtown Dallas to our city’s main park, Klyde Warren Park, where we’ll erect it and we’ll have a brief service there,” said Dr. Robert Jeffress in an interview with LifeZette.

“This is our way of saying — not just to our city but to the nation — that as Christians, we believe that the ultimate hope for our nation is faith in Jesus Christ,” he added. “This is not a political rally of any kind at all.”

Jeffress is the senior pastor of the 13,000-member First Baptist Dallas congregation and also serves as an evangelical adviser to the President Donald Trump. He is a prolific author, Fox News contributor, host of the daily “Pathway to Victory” radio program, and most importantly, a tireless advocate for Jesus.

On March 25 at 7:30 p.m., on Palm Sunday evening, thousands of members of First Baptist Dallas will take to the streets. They won’t be carrying protest signs, yelling derogatory chants about the NRA, or demanding legislative change.

They will be making, instead, a public declaration of their faith by carrying the illuminated cross through the city’s downtown. For the past few weeks, the cross has been situated in the church’s lobby, and members have written on it the names of people for whom they pray will come to faith in Jesus Christ, Jeffress explained.

Regarding his thoughts on the very different March for Our Lives event on Saturday, Jeffress said, “We’re not against that. But we think the ultimate way to solve the problem in America is not through legislation alone, but through a change of the human heart. And that’s something the message of Christ offers.”

This is the second year the church has carried the cross through the country’s fourth largest metropolitan area. Given how well-received the event has been before, Pastor Jeffress believes it will likely become part of an annual celebration to kick off Holy Week.

“We think the ultimate way to solve the problem in America is not through legislation alone, but through a change of the human heart.”

Prior to the march proper, participants will be treated to a concert featuring beloved Christian musical artist Sandi Patty. Joining her will be the First Baptist Dallas choir and orchestra. Festivities begin at 6:00 p.m. in the church’s worship center.

Said Jeffress, “We think it’s time for Christians to lovingly and yet boldly say without hesitation, ‘We are Christian. We believe that Christ holds the ultimate solution for not only our lives, but for America as well.’ And so this is an attempt, in a positive way, to declare our faith in Christ.”

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