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gay legislation for last year. Flow to the first state in the country to partner with Prager U kids that is a politically conservative education media company spokesperson for the Florida Department education sent a statement saying the Materials aligned with Florida’s new educational standards. Students are going to watch Prager U videos education resources in their classrooms starting this fall. That’s inspiring story about a team you’ll only see here on local ten a superstar South Florida student right here only 19 and she’s already heading to Yale. Get her Ph.D. Kate already has her bachelor’s degree from FAA use honors course back when she was in first grade. Her mother says she knew her daughter was ready for some advanced education in math. So she enrolled her at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in Plantation. I eventually want to my own independent lab. I know how important mentoring has been to me, how important my mentors have been to me. So I really want to just pay that forward for the next generation of scientists and then to the next generation of. Kate says she wants to combine her interests in neuroscience and programming. That way she can use her skills to sort through and analyze his data with her findings. She wants to improve our world. We need to get it. We need desperately in our current. This morning, new concerns over popular weight loss drugs. Some filing a lawsuit against makers of those drugs because the dangerous side effects storms not stopping the guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns soldier from making sure they’re on duty their post. You are Jake Burch and Yancy on the one and only local ten news Every business deserves a great deal. That’s why Comcast Business is launching the Mobile Made Free Event. With our business internet, new and existing customers can get one year of Unlimited Mobile for free. It’s our best Internet. Powered by the next generation 10G network and with 99.9% reliability. Plus one line of free mobile for an entire year. It’s the Mobile Made Free Event-happening now. Get started for just $39 a month. Plus, ask how to get one free line of Unlimited mobile. Comcast Business, powering possibilities. call