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ming for $30 a month for 12 monthsand add NOW TV for $20. It’s the best value inlive TV and streaming. You guys like this show too? YES CHEF! Get way more into what you’re into when you stream on the Xfinity 10G Network. Now to a local state investigation. Recently, Florida approved the use of teaching from a conservative non-pro effort aimed at bringing more conservative ideology into public school. And tonight, Katie Lagrone wanted to know, despite the state’s blessing how many Florida school districts are actually planning to use it. Slavery is as old as time and it’s place in every corner of world from cartoons suggesting. Slavery in America wasn’t so bad being taken as a slave is better than being, you know, to a video offering young tips. Make yourself on how to embrace their feminine entity. Face the idea of, a wife or a mother and yourself to stay at home, raise your children. These are among videos produced by Prager U a conserva media company that describes itself offering a free alternative to the dominant left wing ideology in culture, media and education in Florida’s Education Department recently approved some material branded Prager U. Kids for Use in public classrooms. We’ve discovered just how many school districts plan make it available to students here are not encouraging the of those materials in Pasco county the district has no plans to offer Prager U. Content, but If a teacher wants to use it, we would probably only have further conversations. What your rationale is, what standards is supporting? Are there other resources that might be able to be used across the state? We’ve discovered material from Prager is also not being encouraged this year by dozens of other districts. In fact, after asking all 67 school districts in Florida if, they planned to make Prager, U. Content Available to students this year just over half responded, and but a few telling us no. In Miami-Dade, on teaching materials for the year are complete with additional resources, quote, being contemplated at this time, stated a district spokesperson. Same for Broward. Pinellas Palm Beach and Lee County Schools, where its leaders, quote, have not even talked about using it. So It’s not available. We want a good, wholesome, patriotic education for our children. In a recent interview with our reporting partner, Action News in Tampa the company’s CEO defended the and its content also portrays claims of racial by police following George Floyd’s death as a myth as the false claims of racial targeting . So did the anger and violence. Our attention here at Prager, U. Is to prevent the gaslighting to, get more parents involved, to get parents to be aware that there has been indoctrinate and a one sided in for nation in America schools. The state’s Prager blessing comes just days before. Most Florida schools reopen and while that’s likely cause several districts and even conservative counties to table its use, this year. Evolution Sarasota both had several school board members endorsed by Governor DeSantis during last year. School board races are among the only districts who told their teachers will be permitted to use Prager, U. To help meet Florida as new civic and government standards. Even Though the state has approved this material, most districts tell us they are not letting their teachers use it. District leaders review it first. I’m Katy Lagrone, reporting. Barbie Band Details on where the billion dollar blockbuster won’t showing that coming up in your top