island since 20-20. Pastor living in maui> 00;06;04;13 “we’re going to be in this for the next week, at least before we begin to really get a full.” matt brunk grew up in limington maine. He moved to maui to work as a pastor in 2020. living in maui> 00;08;37;28 “it truly is just a love for one another on our island that is unlike any other place that I’ve been to.” the wildfires have been burning for three days – leaving 53 dead and many more still missing. It appears to be the second deadliest fire in the U.S. in a century. It’s destroyed the historic town of lahaina but some sections of the island have thankfully been spared. living in maui> 00;10;35;01 “you look at the mountain and you think complete destruction has happened over there and we’re not able to see it yet.” brunk and his family live in the center of the maui – near the airport. The area has become a place of shelter. living in maui> 00;07;49;17 “we’re just doing all we can to just show that support and just be boots on the ground. Where we can have meaningful conversation if people are listening ear and share hope as we have opportunity.” as they make it to safety – survivors are trying to heal from their experiences. 00;03;36;17 “i heard that someone had just seconds to get out of their house and even just jump into the ocean and was there for several hours waiting for rescue.” with upwards of 17-hundred buildings destroyed – survivors are left with nothing. But brunk says that the community has been resilient – congregating to help one another in the face of pastor living in maui> 00;08;24;18 “we call it the aloha spirit and it is truly that.” brunk’s church is collection donations to help with the recovery effort. That information can be found on our website wmtw- dot-com. In westbrook I’m norah hogan for maine’s total coverage. Our total coverage on these deadly wildfires in hawaii continues on w-m-t-w-dot- com and maine’s total coverage app. With notifications turned on, we will send you the breaking developments the second they hit our newsroom. More news now at eleven – a man in jail tonight after an early morning standoff in auburn. Police claim james bourgoin is at the center of a drug trafficking operation. It started just before noon wednesday – when police got a tip that he may been in the house. The homeowner and another man got out. But bourgoin said he had a hostage. Around four A.M. – both he and bourgoin came out. “our officers did a great job in securing the scene, engaging with him in dialog and whatnot. Methamphetamine and fentanyl is a problem throughout our city and our state. So and I would consider it a significant seizure.” bourgoin is now facing several charges – including traffiking of meth and fentanyl. As we first told you on maine’s total coverage app, the supreme court is blocking purdue pharma’s áSIX BILLIONá dollars opioid settlement from the sackler family. The sackler’s previously owned the pharmacuetical company. The family agreed to broad protection from opioid-related civil lawsuits. It’s an agreement the biden administration called áUNPRECEDENTED.á the high court will hear the case this fall. Federal prosecutors are asking for a january second start date for donald trump’s criminal trial related to his efforts to overturn the 20- 20 election. That’s just days before the iowa caucuses. In a filing, the special counsel’s office says its presentation of evidence at trial would take “no longer than four to six weeks.” trump’s team doesn’t have to tell the court their preferred date until next week. A decision on the start wont be made until the end of the month. Four american, wrongly detained in iran, are out of prison and under house arrest tonight. Its the first step in a deal that could make six billion in iranian funds more accessible to tehran for the release of the four. This would not be new money, but funds frozen in a south korean account to be used on goods like food and medicine. Several of the americans have been in prison since 2015. New tonight – new hampshire’s state board of education is considering an application for a financial literacy course from the controversial nonprofit áPRAGER-U.á the course would consist of 15 five-minute videos, for students to complete as part of the áLEARN EVERYWHEREá program. But parents and educators at a meeting today took issue with both the content and the platform.. Prager-u describes itself as “conservative” and “an alternative to left-wing ideology. Some granite staters are concerned that adding one course.. Could open to the door to more controversial material. “you’re basically saying that a student or child who watches 15 five-minute videos is just as competent as a student who sits in a classroom or elsewhere and gets a full half semester, or semester, of financial literacy. It’s not the same; it’s really not.” a “prager u” spokesperson said they would be open to creating a website áJUSTá for new hampshire. The board tabled this for now until they can see what