five years. The order gives weiss more powers than a typical u-s attorney… And– it puts the nation in uncharted territory — with three special counsels at the justice department currently investigating matters related to the sitting president, his son, and the previous president. A third person is facing charges stemming from a crash that killed four maine maritime academy students in december. 21-year-old noelle tavares of massachusetts, has been indicted on four counts of manslaughter, four counts of aggravated o-u-i, two counts of reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, and criminal speed. Tavares was a passenger in the car and one of three people who survived the crash. The driver, and another passenger are facing the same charges. The massachusetts national guardsman accused of leaking…. Classified military documents believes he should be let out of jail. In a new filing today, jack teixeira’s attorneys say…they believe the government has not met their burden….when it comes to demonstrating that teixeira represents a flight risk and a threat to national security. Teixeira has been behind bars since april. Police in laconia, new hampshire say a man who forced his way into their police station yesterday morning… Is in custody. Surveillance footage shows the man pulling on doors…and attempting to access a medicine drop box. Officers say he is being evaluated for mental health and substance abuse issues. He could face trespassing and criminal mischief charges. New hampshire’s state board of education is considering an application for a financial literacy course from the controversial nonprofit (pray- ger) áPRAGER-U.á the company describes itself as “conservative” and “an alternative to left-wing ideology. Some granite staters are concerned that adding one course.. Could open to the door to more controversial material. “you’re basically saying that a student or child who watches 15 five-minute videos is just as competent as a student who sits in a classroom or elsewhere and gets a full half semester, or semester, of financial literacy. It’s not the same; it’s really not.” a “prager u” spokesperson said they would be open to creating a website áJUSTá for new hampshire. The board tabled this for now until they can see what that might look like. Crews broke ground for a new penobscot nation community center. The center has been three years in the making. It will serve as a home for the penobscot tribal government, offer youth programs and be a place to highlight tribal culture. I didn’t realize the level of importance of this site and that facility even growing up here until we tore it down. So, we’re hoping that this facility reinstills that and it moves us into a new era of self determination.” the penobscot nation expects to open the doors of this new community center by next fall. The blue economy. The push to get students into maine’s ocean and rivers industry. Being comfortable in your own skin and your own hair. How a former u-maine basketball player is inspiring kids across the country with a new children’s book. And coming up at 430 – .. A big win for the gray new gloucester little league team. But there is little time for celebration as more work needs to be done. What’s next for the team? That’s on the way. Tonight mostly clear. Lows in the upper 50s. West winds around 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph in the evening, becoming light and variable I’m saving with Liberty Mutual, mom. They customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. You uld save $7 dollars just bswitchin Ooooh, l me put a remier on myhone. On t top of theile! Oh Only payor what u need. Lerty. Lirty.Liberty. Libty.