Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Service

>>> Wow, what an incredible program this is. Listen, whether you’re watching on fox 5 we want to welcome you again or on facebook or youtube. . >> When you think about the great freedom fighters of our day certainly martin luther king jr. Is if not the first name you think about but you would be hard pressd to say martin luther king jr. And not also mention nelson man dell la. Today we have one of the great descendants of nelson mandela his grandson to give a tribute to martin luther king jr. Following him another critical conversation that will be live on this stage. From some powerful voices, they are prothetic in nature and you don’t want to miss what they have to say. Bring them around the couch. Say this is the moment to tune in. Ms. Nona jones head of faith based partnerships from facebook and pastor jamal bryant of new birth missionary baptist church and reverend samuel rodriguez, president of nhclc. Following that. A musical presentation I was not silenced performanced and arranged by melvin kendall miles and ste fan simmons. Let’s hear from indaba mandela. >>> Distingished guests and ladies and gentlemen, and you, creating a world we can fully be proud of with change. Martin luther king jr. Teaches us that the time to do right is always right. >> He the defenseless killing of black people in america. The world did not stand back. Real global citizens took it upon themselves to make their voices heard and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in america and people who are facing injustice across the world, how much longer should we tolerate the prejudice, the bigotry the oppression and the sur presentation, the killing of unarmed defenseless black people. My grandfather nelson mandela took it upon himself to stand up for those not recognized by the law. Just like martin luther king jr. These men dedicated their lives to making sure that everybody is recognized equal in front of the law. The struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won. You have to earn it and win it in every generation and in 2020 my generation showed me that we are ready to fight for our freedoms. We have a new president in america congratulations, but our freedom is not yet won. We have to fight to make sure the criminal justice system is reformed and make sure new laws are passed that protect our civil and human rights and every man has a right to dignity and respect. The movement of justice has been united. Let us make sure the fire of malcomb x never burns out. That negro spirits lives within all of us who believe in justice and are ready to take action to make sure that justice comes to life. Let us not only celebrate our heroes but let us continue where they left off. Long live the spirits of martin luther king long live the spirits of coretta scott king. Live together we are powerful. Now is the time.