Ministry Today: The Most Important Decision a Pastor Can Make Daily

Every pastor I know is faced with numerous decisions every day. Some of those decisions greatly impact people.

While there is a plethora of decisions a pastor can make daily, what is the most important?

The most important decision a pastor can make daily is to begin his day with God. When we begin our day with God, it changes the way we see things the rest of the day. It changes our attitude and our actions. It helps us navigate through the challenges of life and ministry.

3 Actions to Take Daily

While some who are reading this have yawned already, I continue to stand amazed at how many pastors do not begin their day with God. Their inconsistency in this discipline is their consistency.

No wonder pulpits are vacant of anointed men of God, the people in the pews are yearning for a Word from God, and the church is lacking the fire of God. As pastors, we must rekindle or fan into flame the gift of God that is in us according to 2 Timothy 1:6.

I want to highlight three actions that will fan the flame of God in you in your time with Him daily:

1. Read the Bible daily in a systematic way. Pastor, you need to have a plan to read God’s Word daily. When you are with a group of pastors, ask them: What is your daily plan of reading the Scripture? You might learn a new approach.

Personally, I believe a pastor should read through God’s Word annually or at least consistently many times during a decade of ministry. Unquestionably, reading through the Bible at least once each year is one of the most powerful disciplines I have experienced in my spiritual life.

2. Establish a plan to pray daily. If you do not have a plan to pray, you will not pray consistently. You will be all over the place in your praying, even though your intentions are good.

use my iPad to help me establish an ongoing plan to pray daily. This helps me stay on target in my prayer and permits me the needed flexibility to ensure the ongoing plan is relevant and up to date.

Whatever your plan to pray is, just have one. Stop and take the time to prepare a plan. Then, under God’s leadership, follow it.

3. Periodically, fast and pray. I cannot dictate or advise anyone on how often or how many days a year they should fast and pray. This is not my decision, but God’s.

What I do know is the absolute great value it brings in life to fast and pray. I think the power of God awaits the man of God who is willing to spend time fasting and praying. There is power in the secret place.

Additionally, a pastor should lead his fellowship to periodically have a day or days of fasting and praying. Cross Church just observed one of these days this past Sunday night through Monday. I am telling you, there is power in a church that prays and fasts together.

Everything Begins With the Most Important Decision

Reading the Bible in a systematic way, establishing a plan to pray daily, and periodically fasting and praying, all begin with the most important decision a pastor can make daily: beginning his day with God.

Pastor, do not minimize this decision in your life. It is the most important decision you make daily. Do it with conviction. 

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