Ministry Today | You Won’t Believe How America’s Oldest Megachurch Hired Its New Pastor

At the Vanderbloemen Search Group, we have helped thousands of churches find their pastor. But last weekend was the first time I saw a virtual pastoral election.

And it happened at a really historic church.

Last week, The Moody Church, a legendary church in Chicago, did the unprecedented. Because of the coronavirus, it held a “virtual” congregational meeting to elect its next pastor. The meeting was on Zoom. I attended and was amazed. The new pastor preached to the congregation online.

That was followed by a virtual question and answer session and a vote via Survey Monkey. For over a decade, we have helped run searches for churches, nonprofits and values-focused corporations, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

For the last five months, we have had the privilege of serving The Moody Church in Chicago as we assisted it in the search for its next senior pastor. In the church world, Moody is legendary. It was the first “mega” church (over 2,000 in weekly attendance) in the country, and it has been a large church longer than any other in the United States. The list of its pastors is a hall of fame.

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