Missions Box | Thousands Commit to Christ at Virtual Harvest Crusade

IRVINE, CA — The annual Harvest crusade of Pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie was held virtual this year because of the coronavirus, and thousands have committed to Christ for the first time.

The longtime Southern California pastor noted the many ills that have proliferated given the pandemic and the shakiness of the economy. Yet the big questions, such as “Why do I exist?” remain with everyone.

“You exist to have a relationship with God. There is nothing that this world offers that will fill a hole in your heart that was designed to be filled by God himself. There’s no drug, there’s no experience, there’s no possession, there’s no accomplishment, nothing,” Laurie said during the weekend cinematic event called “A Rush of Hope.”

“Being a Christian is not just following a creed, or memorizing some Bible verses, or going to church occasionally. Being a Christian is having Christ live inside of you.”

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