National Association of Evangelicals | Today’s conversation podcast

In Today’s Conversation, Leith Anderson and Nick Hall talk about evangelism among young people and the spirituality of young adults in America.

In his junior year of college, Nick wrote a paper about how to reach his generation with the gospel. The paper went viral and turned into a student-led movement of over 1,000 students responding to the gospel, and then spread out to other campuses, reaching more than 50,000 in just a couple years. Nick has now shared the gospel at hundreds of events to millions of students and is regularly featured as a speaker for pastors gatherings, training events and festivals around the world.

In this podcast, you’ll hear Leith and Nick discuss:

  • The state of evangelism in the United States today;
  • Nick’s personal calling as an evangelist;
  • What young people want in a local church;
  • Messages that help reach the younger generation for Christ; and
  • How evangelism and discipleship work together.

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