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reflects, like in nevada, joe lombardo running against cecil act, you know governor systolic who’s a fine man followed california’s pattern of closing businesses. It hurt the economy there in nevada, and the result is they switched to republicans , so it makes a big difference. It also makes a difference as to who we nominate. You’ve got to nominate candidates in the primary that can win in november . That’s an important lesson for this campaign, and we missed some opportunities there, but very proud of our republican governors. Governor stitt was one that some were worried about. He had a big win in oklahoma as well. And we lead in terms of whether it’s border security, whether it’s health care education, that’s what governors do and even fighting inflation. We’re putting more money back in people’s pockets to help them during these tough times. You mentioned at the top of this interview that republicans didn’t see the national report wave that maybe was expected. They’ve seen it localized statewide, right? You’ve seen a red wave in florida. If you got a new york you’ve seen it in some districts there, particularly in long island, but overall all in the nation, not necessarily the tsunami. The red wave the things that we talked about. Why is that? Well, I think that it’s reflected by local politics and local sentiments. Uh you know, in in florida, for example, and in, uh, miami and they county they went republican for the first time, and I think it’s a statement that we don’t want this socialist biden agenda. I think it’s a part of that mix, and so every state has a different, uh makeup in terms of their political thinking, and we’ve got to figure it out as to how you can run based upon good candidates a good message of conservatism but also problem solving, which is what governors do so well and that’s what they respond to is people who can actually get things done. This was not about democracy. It was simply about the economy. It was about high energy costs. That’s what’s on people’s mind. That’s how winning candidates had to address those issues. So we got to ask you because you’ve got your replacement. Now sarah sanders, we might be wondering what’s next for hutchinson. What do you what are your plans? You know, there’s been so much talk about who we might see on the 2024 presidential stages that something you’re now thinking about it is. Let me just emphasize. It’s critically important now that we got 2022 over with. We’ve got to learn these lessons. But you look at 2024. We’ve got to have a candidate that can win in the primary can win in november that can bring people together and problem solved. And so we got a lot of great candidates is the good news. We’ve got to work through that. But I’m delighted to be a part of that national asian because I’m very concerned about the direction of our country. Having a better energy policy being able to promote private sector growth rather than just simply growing the government. That’s a kind of conservatism that I think is important, and I’ll be talking about in that that for sure in the coming months, whenever you look at experience, the border security and the fentanyl coming across, we’ve got to address that. And I spent some time with the d a. And it is a great national concern is killing lives, and that has to be addressed as well. Governor asa hutchinson there. Could possibly run for president in 2024, we’re going to follow that with you. Big announcements in the coming months there, governor. Thanks so much for talking to us this morning. Best to you. We appreciate the time. Thanks so much great to be with you today. Thank you. Alright uh, stay with us abortion was on the ballot this election day as well. Some of the rights of states rather decided if it should be on the ballot or not, faith playing a central role in these midterms up next is jaeson yates of my faith votes. He’s going to discuss that and how big of an impact that had and the electricity with us. Type two diabetes discover the power of three in the septic tri zone. Lausanne in my owes epic tri zone, I lowered my a one c t v risk and lost some weight. Provides powerful 81 c reduction in studies, the majority of people reached an a one c under seven and maintained it lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack or death in adults, also with known heart disease, and you may lose weight adults lost up to £14. Isn’t for people with type one diabetes don’t share needles or pens or reused needles. Don’t take those epic if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer or have multiple intracranial plays a syndrome type two or if allergic to it. Stop ozon picking get medical help right away. If you