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>>> Florida democrats have dropped $1 million to increase voter registration. The party’s chair, nicky freed is the spearhead of this initiative hoping to cut down on the gop’s current registration advantage. Most of the focus is on miami-dade county where the democratic party faced a brutal 2022 midterm election term. >>> Florida is the first state that will allow conservative curriculum prageru in public schools. They offer a free alternative to the dominant left media education. They say schools are failing because they’re more concerned with radical activism than teaching facts. Florida is the first state to bring the curriculum to classrooms. It’s now up to the individual school districts whether or not they’re going to use that material. >>> One 11-year-old girl was arrested after falsely reporting that her friend was kidnapped. The girl texted 911 that a man was driving a white van and abducted her friend on wednesday. She even told them updates about a suspect with a description and that he had a gun. >> I’m telling you this right now, you’re going to take this as a lesson at 11 years old that if you do something stupid in the future, you’re going to enjoy those kuchs. >> — cuffs. >> I’m not going to do this again. She told deputies it was a prank through a you tube challenge that she thought was funny. She’s charged with a false police report involving the use of a firearm in a violent manner, and misuse of 911, which is a misdemeanor. >> Tough lessons at a young age. For the past few weeks, we have been dealing with sizzling temperatures outside. That means our air-conditioning units, they have been working in overtime, trying to keep up. That’s where ac technicians come in. They are in high demand right now as you can imagine. An ac expert we sfoekpoke with says they’re seeing an increase in 150% of call volume from june to december, the peak season, in comparison to the rest of the year. >> Most common are units leaking water from working excessively, drains are clogged, fans are dirty, and other things like electrical approximate. >> You want to keep that maintenance up, an indicator of a faulty ac unit is a steady increase in your electric bill. One tip to avoid costly repairs and a hot home is that yearly maintenance schedule. Make sure you get it done. Do it before the summer months kick in when they’re not as busy. They suggest you clean out the filters, change the filters or wash them out depending on what you have at least once a month.