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income. >>>kaesy: payne says he wants people in the community to know this resource exists. He also wants to make it known to landlords that if they’re engaged in discriminatory behavior, they will not be able to get away with it >>>kasey: the mother of the 6- year-old who shot his teacher in newport news is speaking out. Deja taylor says 4 months after the shooting – she still does not know how the child got the gun – and is taking responsibility. In an interview on “good morning america” – taylor said her son has a-d-h-d – and described his behavior as “off the wall”. She also apoliogized to the teacher – abby zwerner. Taylor was charged last month with felony neglect and reckless storage of a firearm. Her trial date was set for august 15th. >>>steve: lynchburg’s city council is looking at a possible curfew for teenagers in the wake of a 6- year-old’s death this month. Kingston campbell was shot and killed while playing video games in his bed earlier this month. The gunman has not been caught. Kingston was also the “(third “( juvenile killed in lynchburg, in the past three months. >>>steve: the farmville jail that two inmates managed to break out of could lose nearly three million dollars a year. The u-s marshals has pulled all federal inmates from piedmont regional jail after the recent escape. The jail’s superintendent says federal inmates make up 42-percent of the jail’s population and brought in more than 2- point-7 million dollars last year. Officials proposed the jail authority board make budget cuts of twenty percent in many areas like salaries, bonuses, and capital improvements. >>>kasey governor glenn youngkin tuesday signed a bill formally defining anti semitism to help prevent hate crimes. It adopts the working definition of anti semitism adopted by the international holocaust remembrance alliance. It will be used to train first responders and educators it will guide them on how to respond to hate crimes and prevent anti semitism. Elan Carr, Senior Advisor to Combat Antisemitism Movement: It is an important guide and tool to recognizing antisemitism and then acting against it and acting against it might not be anything other