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>>Isabel: this bill has support across party lines. Spanberger says the next step is to move it through committee and to the house floor. Live in studio isabel cleary nbc29 news at six. The international rescue committee in charlottesville says it’s not something that will impact its work for awhile. People impacted by title 42 lifting will now have a chance to plead their case for asylum&i-r-c helps refugees who are already approved for this safety. Harriet Kuhr, executive director of the International Rescue Committee: “We are sometimes working in some of the border shelters or things like that, or doing immediate assistance of people along the border. That’s a separate set of programming. It’s not really what we’re doing in Charlottesville, but it’s part of our larger organization and our mission to protect people who are having to flee their home country.” this year charlottesville’s i-r-c expects to welcome between 200 and 250 refugees from countries such as the congo, syria, iraq and afghanistan. Albemarle county supervisors are having a strategic planning retreat today (wed) at u-v- a’s north fork discovery park. Its focus is on high performance, strategic governance and how to work better as a team. Supervisors also looked at bigger picture ideas for the county and changes they want to see made in the future. Abbey Stumpf// it’s really good for all of us to sort of hear and discuss together opportunities where we can put everybody in the best position to be successful, everybody in the room is aligned around the idea of service to the community. This is their second retreat this year. Charlottesville plans on hiring an investigator to look into the claims of housing discrimination in and around the city. This will be a new position for the office of human rights. Nbc 29’s bria stith shares the city’s decision behind this hire. Getting a professional to investigate housing discrimination in the charlottesville area has been in discussion for a while. Michael Payne: they needed to hire a new staff position on in order to do those investigations and handle that workload. And so that’s how we funded this position and in our budget michael payne is on charlottesville’s city council. Michael Payne: They can investigate discrimination and housing based on race, sex, age, disability, gender identity, etc, as well as source of income. He says when it comes to housing # discriminatory acts from landlords or property managers can come in many forms. Michael Payne: That’s why it’s important for the Office of Human Rights to be doing investigations, doing community outreach. So people are fully aware of their rights. Whiteflash Michael Payne: as well as trying to impossible doing proactive investigations and looking for example, are there large landlords in town who own multiple properties who are discriminating against people with vouchers payne says he wants people in the community to know this resource exists. Michael Payne: as well as make it known to landlords that if they’re engaged in discriminatory behavior, that they’re not going to be able to get away with it. In charlottesville. Bria stith. Nbc 29 news governor glenn youngkin is working to combat anti- semitism through a new law. N-b-c 29’s braedyn speight explains how this law defines anti- semitism and how it will be used to prevent hate crimes. According to a report by the commission to combat antisemitism&. There were nearly 350 reports of antisemitic acts in virginia last year. The purpose of governor youngkin’s new law is to train first responders and other public servants to prevent hate crimes. Elan Carr: In order to confront a threat, you have to understand the threat. Elan carr is a senior advisor to the combat anti semitism movement. The definition in virginia law is now& “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” the law also extends into the classroom. Carr says it is important to have a basis for students to understand. Elan Carr: We’ve got to be able to tell them what it is and how it appears and it appears in different forms. You know, sometimes it targets the Jew down the street, sometimes it targets the Jewish community next door. But it is important to recognize that this day was important for celebrating jewish life as well.. Elan Carr: The opposite of anti semitism isn’t tolerance you know people I don’t know anyone who aspires to be tolerated the opposite of anti semitism is Philo Semitism and affirmative appreciation of an affection for the remarkable Jewish story. In charlottesville… Braedyn speight…nbc29 news. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers for women…and early detection is critical. That’s why doctors