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home country.” >>>jared: this year charlottesville’s i-r-c expects to welcome between 200 and 250 refugees from countries such as the congo, syria, iraq and afghanistan. >>>jared: the mother of the 6-year-old who shot his teacher in newport news is speaking out… Deja taylor says 4 months after the shooting — she still does not know how the child got the gun — and is taking responsibility. In an interview on “good morning america” – taylor said her son has a-d-h-d – and described his behavior as “off the wall”. She also apologized to the teacher — abby zwerner. Taylor was charged last month with felony neglect and reckless storage of a firearm. Her trial date was set for august 15th. . >>>jared: earlier this week — governor glenn youngkin signed a bill formally defining anti semitism to help prevent hate crimes.. It adopts the working definition of anti semitism adopted by the international holocaust remembrance alliance. It will be used to train first responders and educators — to guide them on how to respond to hate crimes and prevent anti semitism. Elan Carr, Senior Advisor to Combat Antisemitism Movement: It is an important guide and tool to recognizing antisemitism and then acting against it and acting against it might not be anything other than a condemnation. >>>jared: may is also now recognized as jewish american heritage month in virginia. >>>jared: a group of bicyclists are en route to d-c from richmond. They’re honoring fallen members of law enforcement. N-b-c 29’s dryden quigley caught up with them in gordonsville. Each of the bikers that you see riding by represents a different police officer who lost their life. Not all of these riders are police officer themselves – some are family members of those who died. “each officer has their own story.” this is second liutenant richard theal – a police officer from fairfax county. It’s not his first time on the route. “for this year, I have John Donohue, who was a fairfax county of police officer. He used to actually be part of this chapter, and had succumbed to covid last year.” every year chapter 4 of the police unity tour bikes 230 miles from richmond to d.c – meeting with chapters from around the country at the national law enforcement officers memorial. “it’s surreal for me.” this year, the names of two hundred and twenty four officers who died in 2022 will be added. Many of their family members will there to greet the riders. “when you get that experience to be able to speak with the family members, the survivors, give them your wristband and tell them thank you for the sacrifice that your husband, your wife, your son your daughter has given this is just something small that I can do. And riding a bike is what we do.” the group will arrive in washington d-c on may 12. In gordonsville dryden quigley n- b-c 29 news.