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any way, that is not justified. >> The european union has agreed to develop a vaccine passport under pressure from some tourism dependent countries. >> Britain’s prince philip is home from the hospital following a month long stay. The 99-year-old husband of queen elizabeth I in windsor castle after being treated. His son toldsaid he’s thrilled he’s out of the hospital. >>> Commemorating one year since the organize’s covid relief. The dream center has served 5 million meals through their mobile food line during the pandemic. Today they mark the anniversary and also look forward. This y dream center is kicking off the restore L.A. initiative by celebrating the expansion of their transitional housing program. >> So we’ve had tons of families come through our food line, come through our outdoor learning center and tell us they’re living in their cars or lost their jobs or their hours are cut and they don’t know if they’ll be able to make rent. So we started strategizing how we can open up additional rooms for homeless families. >> 13 new units are available for homeless families so they can stay together and rebuild their lives. >>> Well, as of today the aquarium of the pacific long beach is once again open to the public. Capacity is capped at 25%. The aquarium is home tors ranging from large sharks to colorful tropical fish. You will need advance reservations that will come with a timed entry. >>> Remember the days are longer. Meteorologist anthony yanez has your first alert forecast. Well, we have more daylight, an thaep. >> And soon the days will be warmer. It’s going to be a gradual warmup at least for this week. Still in the 60s tomorrow but 68 degrees and then we have the lower and MID-70s as we head toward the end of the week with a slight drop in temperatures coming this weekend. I do want to point out to what’s going to happen with our perfectly clear skies right foy. You see not a cloud outside. In fact, all the way through tomorrow morning I’m pausing this at 6:00 tomorrow morning and few clouds out in the pacific but otherwise mostly clear skies, but doesn’t last long. As we move toward the afternoon what you’re seeing is partly to mostly cloudy skies coming in from an onshore wind and then we end the day with mostly cloudy skies and that’ll stay with us all the way through thursday morning, but we are going to start to warmup. So here’s your plan a day ahead for L.A. first of all tonight clear skies and 52 degrees. We do have a cold start again tomorrow morning with temperatures in the MID-40s as we move toward the afternoon. Partly cloudy and a nice cool 66 degrees and tomorrow evening temperatures will be in the upper 50s. Now coming up at 6:00 meteorologist melissa mago will have your entire seven day forecast and the warmup when we’re back in the 70s. Next at 5:00 we’re live in ontario with breaking new details on that deadly series of explosions. You’re hear from neighbors about what they say and heard.