New York Post | Trump’s Pastor Pal Wants to be a ‘Black Advocate on the Right’

“We don’t have a black advocate on the right,” said Dr. Darrell Scott, the Cleveland pastor who is a member of Donald Trump’s transition team. “Think about it: Jesse Jackson — he’s a dinosaur now. Al Sharpton — he’s all the way left. All the black activism and all the black advocacy is on the left.

“But I’ve got the [next] president’s ear now.”

Scott, 58, was among the clutch of prominent black figures, including NFL legends Ray Lewis and Jim Brown, “Apprentice” Season 1 contestant Omarosa Manigault, and Kanye West, who met with Trump in Manhattan on Tuesday.

…Introduced in 2011 through televangelist Paula White, Scott was skeptical of Trump at first. “‘What makes you think black people are going to vote for you?’” he recalled asking the mogul, who was then mulling a run for the White House in 2012. “‘You’ve got the reputation on the street of being a racist.’”

.. As the two got to know each other — “We joke around with each other. We’ve gone on road trips together” — Scott and Trump grew comfortable talking about race.

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