New York Post | Why evangelicals are huge for Trump – despite the character issue

Conservative evangelicals catapulted then-candidate Donald Trump to an against-all-odds victory in 2016. And this year they’re again throwing their political lot with a bombastic businessman from Queens with a sordid past and a penchant for social-media provocation. To find out why, I spoke to a number of evangelical pastors and thought leaders.

The reasons aren’t that complicated: As president, Trump has proved solidly pro-life and absolutely sound on ­Israel, while Joe Biden’s coziness with the hard left downright terrifies this crucial voting bloc.

Jack Hibbs, the pastor at California’s Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, told me that pro-life issues continue to be the main catalyst, impelling evangelicals to rally around Trump 2020. “Not only has Donald Trump been the most pro-life president in recent American history,” he said, “but his pro-family, pro-adoption policies have made it loud and clear that Donald Trump is concerned for the American family.”

Samuel Rodriguez, an author and preacher who leads the ­National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, agreed that Trump has “done more for the pro-life community than any other president in history.”

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