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indicted on felony charges, including conspiracy to defraud the united states and conspiracy against rights. Prosecutors allege trump and his allies plotted to overturn this 2020 election loss to joe biden, culminating in the deadly january 6 riot at the capitol. >> The attack on our nation’s capitol on january 6th 2021. An unprecedented assault. The american democracy. >> U.S. marshal spokesperson tells abc news trump will not be handcuffed or take a mug shot. Photo but his fingerprints will be scanned. The indictment also accusing trump of knowingly promoting false election fraud claims and pressuring former vice president mike pence to reject electoral votes on january 6. Now trump’s republican rival for the 2024 presidential nomination echoing that allegation on fox. The president to specifically ask me and he’s. >> Gaggle of crackpot lawyers asked me to literally reject the votes. >> Trump’s defense attorney denied that accusation on cnn. The ultimate request that mister trump made to vice president pence was pause the vote county allow the states to weigh in. Trump has denied any wrongdoing and is expected to plead not guilty. >> Trump’s defense team is blasting this latest indictment as an attack on his free speech. But trump’s former attorney general is hitting back saying free speech does not give won the right to engage in fraudulent conspiracy. Justin finch, abc news, washington. >> Prosecutors in manhattan can now seek materials from a civil case against former president trump. Now, this case is separate from the doj charges against trump. A federal judge says trump’s deposition in the e jean carroll case is not covered by protective order. So that clears the way for prosecutors to obtain the full video and related exhibits. Trump is charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records in new york. Prosecutors allege he did that to cover up hush money payments involving an affair. Trump denies any wrongdoing and has pled not guilty. The former tech texas attorney general is getting closer to standing trial for fraud. Prosecutors say ken paxton had shady business dealings back in 2015 out this trial has been delayed for years by pretrial battles and appeals. The texas house of representatives impeached paxton for misconduct. He denies the allegations and calls him politically motivated. The trial is expected to begin september 5th. Prosecutors say the time for delays is over. The time for justice is now. >> No one above the law. And that while the wheels of justice here to move with glacial pace in this case, about pick up speed. >> If paxton is acquitted, he could be reinstated to his role as attorney general. Well, 3 people in mayfield are in the hospital with serious injuries after a shooting. Details are limited. But here’s what we know so far. Police say it happened just before 5 this morning at the plows, apartments. Those are at commonwealth and bar in drive. Police ad. There’s no active threat to the community. Officers do have one person in custody. That investigation is ongoing. A cape girardeau man will learn his sentence today and twenty-twenty nicholas proffitt burn down the cape islamic center. Their security footage of him breaking in pouring gasoline in the halls and setting it on fire. He pled guilty december of last year. He could get up to 20 years in prison and have to pay a quarter of a million dollars. Florida’s the first state to partner with prager u kids. That’s a politically conservative educational media company. Chris kilmore shares how some parents are reacting. The state department of education has a new partnership with prager u kids. That’s an education. >> And entertainment company producing media videos. The state says those videos can be used with district discretion. The company ceo says that she’s combating a woke agenda and the company’s already aware of some pushback. >> When those were trying to make sure that our content does it, make it into schools, they lie about you know, it’s simply disappointing because either they haven’t really watched our content and they’re making up lies or they have watched our content and there during the troops. >> Prager, u kids, youtube channel features titles, parents like michael chambers field makes sense. Now the top is good. >> Know within. But if I do to yet to topics to ownership of your life, all those tail to the nasa after major course use the finance institution course to it on 101. >> Other parents like ed ben