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paramount. Plus. >> Ginger: news 6 at 11 is coming up next. But first, the live mega millions drawing the jackpot has now climbed to 820 million dollars. Time to get those tickets out. Good luck across america with mega jackpots. It’s mega millions. >> John crow. It is tuesday, july 25th and tonight’s mega millions jackpot is an estimated annuity 820 million dollars to win that jackpot. You see if I want plus that gold mega I can make you a multimillionaire tonight. First winning number tonight is 44 followed by next. We have 61 that’s followed by 3 in your final white ball number for this tuesday evening is. Time now for the mega ball number that is 25 again. Tonight’s winning numbers are 44 6, 61, 3, 5, in the gold. Mega ball is 25 know matched all 6 numbers. Friday’s jackpot. We more than 910 million dollars. >> They rescued both of them want to time. Their pets included in at all. This in a boat that was at best live with for anything rescue. >> Ginger: now at 11 rare recognition going to to central florida firefighters for their lifesaving efforts during hurricane ian, how they were honored tonight. Candace. >> Lisa: and we are watching several areas in the tropics for tonight. One area could actually be impacting our local forecast. I’ll be explaining more on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> As air quality concerns across the country sparked a national health debate. We take a look at what some young scientists at ucf are doing to help monitor the air quality here at home. Coming up. >> But first, the head of the florida teachers union is pushing back on plans to put the teachings of a right-wing radio host in florida classrooms and was shocked by some of the propaganda that with >> Live with click, orlando dot com and streaming on news 6. Plus, this is news 6 at 11 getting results. >> Newly approved teaching materials for florida schools promise no wall culture and pro american lessons. Good evening to you. I’m erik von ancken. Glad you’re with us tonight. And I’m ginger gadsden. Matt and lisa have the night off tonight. The head of the teachers union calls the material propaganda. It’s called prager u kids news six’s treasure. Roberts is live in the newsroom with reaction. Treasure. >> Each individual school district can decide if they want to use the videos as a supplement in their lessons. Some education leaders, though, say this material is misleading and problematic. >> Prager u kids is now florida. >> Florida is the first state to approve prager, use educational resources for use in classrooms. You, kids dot com, you’ll find hundreds of free educational, entertaining, pro american videos for every grade. Know, woke culture or agendas. >> Ginger: just wholesome age, appropriate content. Conservative radio talk show host dennis prager is the co-founder of prager u its website states. The nonprofit offers a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology. In culture, media and education. One of the contributors is conservative political commentator candace owens were told that slavery. >> It’s a white phenomenon and like all persistent lies, this lie a bunch of other lots. >> There are video lessons on how to embrace your masculinity and femininity. Number one. Don’t get caught up in stereotypes in today’s age. It’s question. What a woman look or what a woman even is for that and a promotional video. You america’s racist. Doesn’t mince words. Child being filled with I think this is to promote a political ideology and not to promote the education of our children. Florida education association, president andrew spar cause this material propaganda. What we see right now is an aggressive move by the department of education led by the governor of the state of florida to ensure that what is taught in schools is only what they want taught in schools and not the complete and honest picture. The department of education tells new 6. >> Greater you. Kids materials. A line to florida’s revise civics and government standards, in fact, that the teachers right now concerned about the lack of materials, the and the types of materials that are being approved. >> The approval of this supplemental material comes just one week after the department of education change standards for african american history. Even though minority communities, groups and leaders pleaded with the board not to do so in the newsroom. Treasure roberts getting results. News 6 or thank you treasure. Developing at 11, the search for a missing seminole county father. >> Is expected to ramp up tomorrow morning. 43 year-old sampson, peters has not been seen or heard from in a week, but his dodge ram was found in osceola county along us one.