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stormy. It’s the summer. We all know that here in central florida, but sometimes just got to get let the kids run crazy. And there’s one spot that is not only inside air condition, but it’s a lot of fun. Even for parents. So krista mahr insider guide will take into the obstacle course that is opening up. We have 2 locations in central florida’s. We’ll have more on that coming up in. Have a feeling maybe she might be given something away. She might not. But I just assume she’s always giving something away. Just use our insider. Yeah. Gives a lot of things away graham. Really good things. And, you know, on wednesday as we like to ask a doctor today is about skin care. >> Bridgett: you know, many people like to have that summer tan and, you know, going out to the beach doing things outside. So popular right now. But maybe you’ve heard of browning lotions, maybe views some. We’ll talk to the experts about, you know, the safe way to tan and some of the other options out there. And you might be surprised at just how dangerous, you know, some tanning options are so. >> Julie: and in just a few weeks, most of central florida is headed back to school. You may river last year we did an initiative called why I teach where we talk to different educators in central florida and asked them their why heard this story behind the passion. We’re launching that initiative against. We’ll tell you how you are loved. One who is an educator can share your story with central florida. It was really inspiring last year to hear from all these teachers. So we’re looking forward to that again, by know, candace, you are again pinpointing some activity in the tropics. That is not a concern for us. That’s right. We are watching skies and scattered showers, kind area of disturbed weather that’s going to be moving into our area by friday. Now it was an area that was originally highlighted by the national hurricane center. >> Julie: it got up to about a 20% chance of potential development yesterday went down to about 10% yesterday afternoon. And now it’s at 0. But you can see all that kind of scattered cloud cover as there are still plenty of tropical moisture in that area for the next couple of days. But as it continues to track towards the north and west, it will be enhancing our rain. Chances, but development ways. Now, one area that we are watching for potential development is rolling off the coast of africa right now. You can see the little yellow x there latest forecast shows that it will continue on its westerly track as of now, it has a 30% chance of tropical development within the next 7 days one that we’ll be watching very closely as we head into weekend and into early next week. All right. Let’s look at our rain chances like I mentioning that area that’s just near the bahamas will enhance our rain chances. This is nothing that will be concerned of a named storm moving on shore by the end of the week. So rain chances on friday about them up. They were before this disturbance kind started getting its act together was about a 50%. We’re increasing. That’s right. Just a little bit up 60%. What this means. It is not going to be a washout, but we’re just going add some more instability to already our sea breeze storms that up pick up a lot storms in the afternoon. So speaking of let’s talk about those storms this afternoon. Our clouds and rain, futurecast showing a couple of those that scattered showers are developed right in between. 95 and i-4 by about 2 o’clock modeling is holding pretty consistent 2 yesterday you can see through 3, 4 o’clock, mostly activity will be inland enough that you guys along the immediate coastline, your rain chances will be about 20%. But we’re up to about a 50% chance for areas west of 95. That includes especially for you guys in seminole orange and osceola county. I’ll be pinpointing more on your chances of rain as well as how hot we’re expected to get coming up in just a few minutes. All right, candice. >> Bridgett: the head of florida’s teachers union is pushing back afternoon. Teaching materials were approved for florida schools. >> Julie: they’re saying the materials called prager, you kids are being used as propaganda news six’s treasure roberts has more on the reaction. Each individual school district can decide if they want to use the videos as a supplement in their lessons. Some education leaders, though, say this, but ariel is misleading and problematic. >> Prager u kids is now florida. >> Florida is the first state to approve prager, use educational resources for use in classrooms. You, kids dot com, you’ll find hundreds of educational, entertaining, pro american videos for every grade. Know, woke culture or agendas. >> Just wholesome age, appropriate content. Conservative radio talk show host dennis prager is the co-founder of prager u its website states. The nonprofit offers a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology. In culture, media and education. One of the contributors is conservative political commentator candace owens were told that slavery. >> It’s a white phenomenon and like all persistent lies, this lie a bunch of other lots. >> There are video lessons on how to embrace your masculinity and femininity. Number one. Don’t get caught up in stereotypes in today’s age. It’s question. What a woman look or what a woman