News 8 Daybreak Saturday

>> There is no shortage of sentiment. >> We have made it a critical issue but really this is a life issue. >> Father jason cargo of st. Joseph catholic church also with the catholic pro-church community echoes the church’s feelings this is a good step. This was pastor jack graham in plano. >> We are rescuing and saving those who are stumbling and ending this holocaust that has been in america. >> And this recording from the pastor of the first baptist taoist — baptist dallas. >> It’s a resounding victory for millions of children who will get to live out there got ordained lives. >> The majority of the faith community a plot of the supreme court decision. Reverend neil thomas of the cathedral of hope did not. “this is a catastrophic day for america. All of us should be very afraid for the dark days ahead.” sunday sermons will speak of the moment but if other cargo says in a time of polarization and frustration, pastors should be the voice of stability. >> People in the pew that have made the choice of abortion and how they can help them heal with their language and words. >> The father says the focus should be helping mothers in need. He said friday was not a victory. That is the wrong word. >> A day where we are making right or wrong. It is a first step. Cleo: there are some any questions and gray areas to sort through following yesterday’s ruling like how will the texas foster care system be affected and where is the nearest abortion clinic and where can they find a provider and how this will affect ivf and other reproductive technologies. We have a deep dive into those questions on our wfaa app. It is free wherever you have your app store and all of the stories are on the homepage as well. The time right now is 8:07 in time for your morning rush. A republican candidate for the statehouse has been indicted for impersonating a public servant. Frederick preacher turned himself into richardson police friday investigators tell us he posed as a city employee in order to remove an opponents campaign signs. He is running to represent house district 61 which includes collin county here at his attorney says accusation “defies logic and will not hold up in court.” the biden administration agreed to cancel an estimated $6 billion in federal student loan debt for about 200,000 borrowers who claim they were defrauded by their college. The administration had previously approved about $25 billion in loan forgiveness for 1.3 million borrowers. That move still needs approval by the judge. President biden is considering broader student loan forgiveness options. There is high demand for teachers and school employees right now. This morning, de soto isd is hosting a job fair at the beltline conference center today. Earlier today, a huge pay hike for teachers was approved and that is thanks ted — thanks to the new superintendent. You can find more information on the district website. It is the moment none of us have been waiting for. Commercials are coming to netflix. The ceo confirmed the streaming company is in talks with possible business partners for an ad supported version of its platform. The ceo once the netflix ad experience to be more integrated and less interruptive than traditional tv advertising. We see how that goes. That is a look at your morning rush. Time is 8:08. Next, it is hot and more people are heading to lakes to cool off and have summer fun. There is an urgent message from federal authorities to keep you safe. We will have that ahead. Six flags is gearing up to welcome big crowds. What they do — are doing to keep your family safe in this dangerous he. It is dangerous, right? Kyle: it can be if you are not careful. We are used to the heat in north texas but today could end up being the hottest day of the year so far. We’ll talk about how hot we will be and for the rest of the weekend. A cooldown arrives soon. Those details, coming up. Ing up.