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saying these videos aren’t adequate to truly comprehend the subject. You’re basically saying that a student or a child, whoever that watches 15 five minute videos, is just as competent as a student. Page six you know, in a classroom or elsewhere and gets a full half semester or semester in financial industry literacy. It’s not the same. It’s really not. Second, with the platform, according to its website and application, prager u is a quote, educational nonprofit that teaches, quote, tditions, americanalues and ote, offers a free alternative to the dominant left wing ideology in culture, media and education. Some speakers raised concerns that greenlighting one course would open the door for other subjects and videos on the site that they find controversial. Prager tries to minimize the impact of slavery in our history. They’ve minimized the impact of racism in our history. But board members said they were satisfied with the content of this course. This is good financial literacy content, and we need to make sure that all of our young people have that skill going forward in life. I think that, you know, it got overly politicized and I think there was some interest in doing that. And I’m disappointed that that’s where we ended up. A spokesperson for prager u said they’d be open to creating a standalone website for new hampshire. The board tabled this for now, saying they’d like to see what that looks like before making a decision. Live in concord, hannah cotter, wmur news nine. Extreme precipitation leading to flash flooding around the state in july. Next, the role rising temperatures could have on making heavy rain more intense. And coming up on news 9 at six, the sentence for the former owner of the sports zone in derry after his conviction on sexual assault charges. And the patriots kick off their preseason in a little over an hour here on wmur. While you likely won’t see quarterback mac jones northeast delta dental. Everyone deserves a healthy smile. It’s been a record breaking summer on mount washington. Meteorologists at the observatory say this summer is now the wettest on record. The record breaking measurement, 37.85in of precipitation so far. And it really seems like we can’t go more than a few days without rain or heavy downpour as the summer meteorologist matt hoenig spoke with new hampshire climate scientists who say these intense rainstorms could be a symptom of a warming climate.