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and we will get our first look at this season’s new england patriots, a preview of their preseason matchup with the houston texans. No one covers new hampshire like we do. Wmur news 9 at 430 starts right now. And hello, everybody. It is another rainy afternoon here in new hampshire. But in some spots, that rain could get heavy. So let’s get right over to hayley lapoint with how long the rain is expected to last. Haley high, we could see a couple or hear a couple of rumbles of thunder, too. There’s a couple lightning bolts on the radar here, but not expecting severe storms, which is a nice change compared to the last couple of weeks here. We’ve been dealing with that off and on. So you’ve got a few downpours in and around the haverhill area. If you’re an orford, you might have heard a rumble of thunder. There’s a lightning bolt on the the opposite side of the river there near bradford. And there’s some nearby downpours to some lighter rain along i-80 nine and toward manchester. But then you see heavier rain back into massachusetts, connecticut, that is slowly meandering up toward the north and east. And eventually we’ll see some more showers and the occasional downpour later on this evening. It’s 80 degrees in concord and you probably have noticed that the dew points have gone up a little bit, feels a bit more on the sticky side. And that’s not surprising given that the showers and downpours are coming from the southwest and dragging along with them. A little bit more moisture in the air. So as we continue on into the evening, certainly not a washout of an evening, but there may be some of these scattered showers or downpours that are passing by before midnight, though, we actually will see the skies clearing. And that’ll leave us with a really nice friday ahead. But over the weekend, a couple of chances for some showers. I’ll talk about when to expect those ahead. Hayley, thanks. Now, out of those terrible fires in maui, we are hearing stories of survival from people who have been able to escape the wildfires so far, at least 36 people have tied have died. Todd reports from logan airport, where new england natives have been returning to escape the flames. It’s tragic, the whole lahaina town was burned down. And I’m going to cry. I can’t do this intense emotion following intense wildfires. Mary oka was born and raised in seekonk, but now lives on maui, not far from the flames that have devastated the island. Today, she and her daughter and grandson landed at logan. I happened to hop on the plane yesterday because we had this trip planned to see my mom and I sort of feel bad because I left the island without being able to help them. Mary and her fellow passengers coming off a hawaiian airlines flight are telling harrowing stories of survival. It was really sad to see such an old historic place just in rubble. Chris and jen lukens from westminster are returning from a maui vacation when the fire started to really move towards us and they’re probably about 100ft away from us, we quickly jumped in our car and grabbed another our lady that was had no ride or anything with road closures and congestion. They say the drive to the maui airport took them more than nine hours for what is normally a one hour ride. We were at an airbnb, so there wasn’t even any. The thing was there was no communication because there was no cell service. We didn’t have gps on our maps. We didn’t know where we were going. Nobody was directing us. So it was utter confusion. Many people are displaced. We already have a homeless problem and more people are displaced. Reporting in boston, todd chesky for wmur news 9, a 74 year old from tamworth is dead after a crash in lincoln, according to state police. Janet carroll was driving on 93 around 630 this morning when her car drifted off the road, struck a ditch and rolled onto its roof. Carroll was pronounced dead at the scene. Troopers are still investigating the cause, but they believe speed was a factor. The state board of education is considering an application for a financial literacy course from the controversial nonprofit organization prager u. Hannah cotter live in concord, where officials got a lot of feedback from parents and educators on this. Hannah. Jenn, board members said they were satisfied with the content of this course, but both parents and educators took issue with both the content and the platform on which it exists. The course would consist of 15 five minute videos for students to complete as part of the learn everywhere program. Parents and educators speaking up during public comment took issue with a number of things. First, with the content. Some saying these videos aren’t adequate to truly comprehend the subject and second, with the platform. According to its website and application. Prager u is a, quote, educational nonprofit that teaches, quote, traditional american values and quote, offers a free alternative to the dominant left wing ideology in culture, media and education. Some speakers raised concerns that greenlighting one course would open the door for other subjects and videos on the site that they find controversial. You’re basically saying that a student or a child, whoever that