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t is shocking. The 2020 event friday night on abc elroy, haiti says the new hampshire nurse and her daughter are healthy and unhurt after 13 days in captivity. And they send thanks to everyone who helped to secure their safe release. Alex dawsonville and her young daughter were kidnaped in port au prince. In a statement today, the organization where dawsonville works as a nurse thanked the security group crisis consultants and us law enforcement and the state department staff who provided support. They also thanked the thousands of haitians who publicly demanded for their release. The new hampshire board of education is considering an online financial literacy course from the controversial nonprofit prager u. The course would consist of 15 five minute videos for the learn everywhere program during the board of ed meeting some parents and educators expressed concern the videos aren’t adequate to fully comprehend the subject. People also raise concerns about the prager u platform and students having access to some of its other videos and content. The board said it was satisfied with the content for the financial literacy course. Prager u also said it could create a website specifically for new hampshire. The board tabled the discussion until it could see what that would look like. Laconia police say a man who forced his way into the station this morning is in custody. Surveillance video there shows the man pulling on the lobby doors and trying to open the department’s medication drop box. Police say he appeared paranoid and yelled for them to kill him. We deal with agitated people quite routinely, but for someone to come down here into the police station, into the lobby and try to gain access into the building itself is quite alarming. That man is now being evaluated for mental health or substance abuse issues. He could be charged with criminal trespassing and criminal mischief. Well, if you look behind mike haddad out, he’s kind of blocking it. Look at all the traffic, trying to get off that greenwich street exit. You can actually see it. I’m still here, though. There’s a lot going on in manchester tonight. You know, if would have to do the traffic report would be pretty easy. Would just paint it all red right here in downtown manchester. But what about the weather for the road race and going forward into tonight and