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lone td new england drops preseason game number one by a final of 20 to 9 so the pats will look at the film now they’re on to lambeau field. They will play green bay next saturday night at the 19th in a game. You can see live on wmur, we’ll have postgame reaction from the pats coming up in sports. For now, live at gillette stadium, mike cronin, news 9 sports. Thanks, mike. A deal that would have sent millions to new hampshire put on hold while the supreme court is holding up the settlement from a massive drugmaker class. A proposed financial class for new hampshire kids coming from a controversial source. Why opponents say this is not the right approach. More changes ahead for friday and the weekend when we’ll see the most sun. Plus, when more showers in spotty t by tractor and equipment. Welcome back. The supreme court is blocking purdue pharma from moving forward with a massive opioid settlement. The sackler family previously controlled the company and had agreed to pay $6 billion to multiple states. 46 million would have come to new hampshire. In exchange, they would have been granted protection from opioid related civil claims. The biden administration asked for the delay. The high court will hear arguments on whether the deal can proceed by the end of the year. The state board of education is waiting to decide whether to approve a financial literacy course from a self-described conservative nonprofit called prager u. Parents and educators are taking issue with both the content and the platform. Some saying these 15 five minute videos are inadequate and that adding the course could open the door to more controversial material. You’re basically saying that a student or a child, whoever that watches 15 five minute videos, is just as competent as a student who sits you know, in a classroom or elsewhere and gets a full half semester or semester in financial literacy. It’s not the same. It’s really not board members said. It’s not really a fair comparison because the videos would be part of the learn every aware program, not traditional in person learning. A prager u spokesperson said they’d be open to creating a website just for new hampshire. The board tabled this for now until they can see what that might look like. Take a look. This was the scene 30 years ago, the first delta dental. Elliot corporate five road race in manchester. What would become new hampshire’s largest road race was called the health source five. Back then, a 30 years later, it was a big turnout for tonight’s race. And troy lynch was out on the course. Three, two. Whoa ho! Let the race begin. More than 2500 runners from all over closed down elm street for the 30th annual delta dental. Elliott corporate five k, the largest road race in new hampshire 30 years, is a big deal, right? It’s more than you’re not even 30. I’m not 30 yet. We’re getting there, though. And no matter what the final time is, people were having a blast. How are we feeling? I tell you why. Gotta get back in shape. An amazing race. Amazing crowd. Incredible city. You can’t go wrong with this race. How fast are we running right now? I’m very with you. Not that fast. Not that fast. We were doing a nice little stroll. The race has a new name for the past two decades. It’s been the cigna elliott but now delta dental is the title