News Channel Nebraska | Yes’ Alan White, Journey’s Jonathan Cain Say Bands’ Rock Hall Induction Is a Great Christmas Present

Just a few days before Christmas, a handful of music stars received the happy news that their bands will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, among them Yes and Journey. Two of the just-revealed inductees, Yes drummer Alan White and Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain, spoke with ABC Radio about the honor this week and both described the accolade was a wonderful holiday gift.

“I’ve had quite a few [congratulatory] emails and…a lot of them say what a great present for Christmas,” shared White. “Which it is.”

Cain, who’s a devout Christian, says he feels a divine element is responsible for Journey finally being honored with induction this year.

“This is the year of Jubilee, and it’s the year that Christians believe every 50 years, God’s gonna return everything that’s rightfully yours or should come back to you that was taken from you,” he maintains. “So…this is kind of a fitting way to end the year of Jubilee, for me as a Christian, to get this honor. It’s very, very humbling.”

White and Cain also shared their Christmas plans with ABC Radio.

Alan says that he and his wife will have a low-key holiday near their Seattle-area home, visiting various friends and enjoying “the festive season.”

As for Cain, he reveals that after spending a few days visiting his kids in the Los Angeles area, he’ll head home to Nashville to be with his wife, Paula, and her family.

“We have kind of this blended marriage…different kids from different wives and husbands, you know,” Jonathan explains. “And it’s challenging but it’s…great. We have a lot of love, and we’ve worked out differences, and it’s just gonna be kind of a gathering of family and love.”

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