News Release: A Warm Blanket for Cold Prisoners

Gospel for Asia Serves Prisoners

WILLS POINT, TX – Workers supported by Gospel for Asia (GFA) recently distributed approximately 1,000 blankets to impoverished adult and juvenile prisoners who do not have access to basic necessities while they are incarcerated.

“There are many stories of Christ’s love for the downtrodden, including His conversation with the penitent thief on the cross,” said K.P. Yohannan, founder and international director of GFA.

“In these prisons, there are many who are needy, and we have been given the opportunity to demonstrate the compassion of Christ for all people, especially to those who are living without hope.”

The blankets were given to approximately 200 juveniles in one facility and an additional 750 in an adult jail. The gifts are part of continuing GFA-supported ministries to provide hope, which bring food, clothing and other necessities into a number of jails and prisons throughout Asia.

“Everyone, especially those suffering in jail, can learn from the examples of compassion and mercy that are so foundational to Christ’s teachings,” said Yohannan. “Beyond providing material help to inmates, we are able to talk with and pray for them, that their lives might be freed of pain and that they would find peace and forgiveness.”