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spoke with willie about his concerns. >> There’s a lot of parts of history that are sort of either omitted or left out for whatever reason. School board member darryl willie, who recently read florida state academic standards says the new standards don’t tell the full story of african american history. He says the new curriculum makes no mention of black history over the past 150 years and says the standards quite american slavery with slavery in asia and other countries in an attempt to downplay the atrocities. What I think the folks are trying to do there is really trying to. >> To say slavery. Everybody was doing was we had slaves during the time. So it was really wasn’t that bad. Everybody was doing it when at the end of the day, we also there’s missing pieces of the ownership of who actually owns slaves, who is responsible? What’s also an issue for this local school board member? >>mark collins: this one line clarification that mandates the instruction to include how slaves develop skills, which in some instances could be applied to their personal benefit. It’s the reason why whaley says you made this t-shirt in his garage, seen here in a picture that went viral. Here’s how he says that specific content could be taught in florida. Middle schools. Those are now what gets prioritize to teach in the classroom. So at the end of the day, a teacher now has a list of here are the things you need to cover by the end of that year. Now, that’s a standard that will need to be covered. The new african american studies curriculum was approved last week by the florida department of education’s black history task force, a group which news for jax has learned was stacked with governor desantis is allies in may after membership dwindled down to 4 for the 6 members have previously been appointed to positions by governor desantis in 5 of the 6 are active in republican politics. Willie explains the next steps for the new curriculum. Usually what teams are adopted, then they go into sort of the workshop period where they start to figure out which standards can be sort of implement in. I’m not sure exactly what the time on it from area’s. We’ll find that out. 2 of them will actually be able to have a better sense of. >> How these watch the show up in classrooms this year for our students here in duval county. >> Tarik minor channel 4, the local station. >>melanie lawson: and we’ve learned in the original member of the african american history task force and other florida educators are now asking the board of education to table the standards until the recommendations of the original task force can be considered. In another move that is likely to lead to push back content from a conservative nonprofit is now on the florida department of education approved a list. Prager u openly advocates for conservative believes which according to the group’s website, offers a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology and culture media and education. Florida is the first state to approve prager content for use in classes. Officials say the materials match the state’s new educational standards for civics and government classes. It’s important to know lessons from the group not adopted ford state curriculum and the material can supplement existing curriculum. If district leaders allow. The florida judge is being reprimanded, a 40 judges being reprimanded for her behavior during the trial of the parkland school shooter. Elizabeth, year is accused of showing a bias towards the prosecution. In the case, the panel found sheer violated several rules governing judicial conduct interactions towards the shooter’s public defenders. It says she unduly chastised them in wrongly accused one attorney of threatening her child. The panel also reprimanded her for hugging members of the prosecution in the courtroom after sentencing. Governor desantis is making more cuts to his presidential staff. According to 2 senior campaign officials. This marks the second round of cutbacks in a week. The cuts will impact 30 positions across all departments, which is more than a 3rd of desantis. His presidential campaign staff campaign officials cited budget issues as the reason for the layoffs after the campaign more than 1 million dollars on payroll in its first 6 weeks of operation. And after news 4 jax, I team investigation. Mayor deegan another city leaders are looking into the living conditions at a jacksonville apartment complex. Their response to the conditions that are also getting the attention from florida. Senator marco rubio. The jacksonville sheriff’s office still looking for help in locating khalid rouzer. We told you about this at the top of the show. He was last seen by family last night in the south pointe parkway in salisbury area. He’s 25 and he does have autism. Police say khalid was last seen wearing white shall white shirt, red shorts and no shoes. >> Jso is asking anyone who has seen our nose live, maybe to call to call them.