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>> Florida’s the first state in the country to partner with prager u kids as an educational vendor. It’s a conservative-leaning educational media company. The florida department of education recently announced a partnership with a company that bills itself as making educational entertaining pro american kids shows for every great state officials said the videos can be used with discretion by school districts to controversial move, though, as prayers website states, the company is combating a woke agenda in a statement to wptv in west palm beach, the florida department of education said it reviewed prager u kids and determine material lines to florida’s revised civics and government standards. >> The U.S. has suspended counterterrorism operations with the nigerian military due to the current situation in the country. However, the pentagon’s press secretary says U.S. forces have not left niger. However, troops have been restricted to the american military base agadez as the biden administration works to restore democratically elected president. Mohamed to power u.s.. Military officials says the approximately 1000 troops rochow grated back to the base last week shortly after own was seized by militaries by members, I should say of the presidential guard. Well, right now, mayor donna deegan is getting ready to host the first of her community conversations. News 4 jax reporter money will join us live with what she hopes accomplish. And former president donald trump leaving washington, d.c., after pleading not guilty before federal charges against local defense attorney gene nichols joins us live with his perspectiv on that case nex