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leads right there. As you see, we see the set up here. See some of the security and other personnel prepare for that moment right now. There’s also going to be parking for when they get here over a lot data stuff are lot you see some of the cars driving in right now. That will open at 7 o’clock. So less than half an hour from now, gates here will open at 8 o’clock. But some of those noticeable changes inside this new facility. You can see it right now doing a live shot. The big stands and then the overhead shade as well as different fans that will be allow to cool down the fans who are watching the players on the field. Cheney care for the entire team opened up yesterday. You’re a player showing up to the facility yesterday and they got that to work preparing for the 2023 season. The jags 13 rookies had to report for training camp last friday. That included a handful of players from northeast florida. There are some things us fans need to remember if you’re planning to come out to one of these practices, everything inside the facility is cashless. You will be able to buy merchandise and go to concessions for food. The clear bag policy is in place. There will be no autographs from the stands. So instead of autograph happening from the stands as you’re coming through the entrance here, there will be a select number of fans who are selected take part in a in autograph session what happened after the practice. They will be chosen randomly for that. The practice is at the facility will start today at 8.45. This morning. Reporting live. I’m aaron farrar channel 4. The local station. >>melanie lawson: all right, erin, thank you. On a controversial note, a duval county school board member is taking a stance against florida’s new african american history curriculum. The new academic standards teach about the personal benefits of slavery. It is the reason district for school board member darryl willie war. This t-shirt. You can see it reads slavery did not benefit black people. This photo quickly spread on social media. Willie has reviewed the academic standards and is very concerned about what is required and details currently that are left out of the correct curriculum. >> There’s parts of history that are sort of either omitted or left out for whatever reason what I think the folks are trying to do there is really trying to. To say slavery. Everybody was doing was we had slaves during the times. That was really wasn’t that bad. Everybody was doing it when at the end of the day, we also there’s missing pieces of the ownership of who actually owns leis, who’s responsible? >>melanie lawson: the new african american studies curriculum was approved last week by the florida department of education. However, members of the task force assigned to review the curriculum have asked that the changes be delayed until the original recommendations of the group can be reviewed. Now in another move that is sure to get some pushback, but it is still happening. Content from a conservative nonprofit is now on the florida department of education’s approved list. Prager u openly advocates for conservative beliefs, which according to the group’s website, offers a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology and culture media and education. Florida is the first state to approve this type of content from breaker to be used in classes. The materials match the state’s new educational standards for both civics and government classes. Now it’s important to know that lessons from the group were not adopted as state curriculum, but it can be used as additional content to be taught in tandem with that curriculum. A group of transgender floridians is suing the state to block a new lawn. Transgender healthcare. They say the law makes it more difficult for them to access the care they need. The law requires patients diagnosed with gender dysphoria to sign informed consent forms created by state medical boards under the law. Only medical doctors and osteopathic physicians, not nurse practitioners are allowed to order hormone therapy. The lawsuit argues that several patients are now unable to find treatment or have had surgeries canceled since the law went into effect in may. Governor ron desantis is making additional cuts to his presidential campaign staff. That’s according to 2 senior campaign officials. This marks the second round of cutbacks in week. The cuts will impact 38 positions across all departments, which is more than a 3rd of desantis presidential campaign staff. A campaign official cited budget issues as a reason for the layoffs after the campaign spent more than 1 million dollars on payroll in its first 6 weeks of operation. The miami-dade police director recovering after several surgeries. Police say alfredo freddy ramirez shot himself on sunday night in his car after an argument with his wife. He was in the tampa area attending a concert, a conference cues. Me ramirez had 2 surgeries on monday. Another one yesterday. He is expected to stay at tampa general hospital through the