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>> Wptv news channel at 5.30. >> And we continue to monitor the very latest developments out of washington, d.c., outside the department of justice right now where any moment now the special counsel investigating alleged efforts by donald trump to overturn the 2020 election. They are expected at any moment to make a statement here in washington, d.c., again, we’ve been monitoring the situation for about 30 minutes right now. Flipping the page right now over to former president donald trump’s truth social page. He indicated just a short time ago the former president reporting to social that the department justice is expected to hand out another indictment any moment. Again, we’re monitoring all the feeds. We’re monitoring the situation up in our nation’s capital as soon as something develops and brakes. We’ll take you there to that live statement that we are expecting any moment now. A lot’s going on nation’s capital. Lots going on right here, the first day of august. Now we bring heat but more afternoon storms. Yeah, definitely. Let’s go straight over to first alert. Meteorologist james with a first look at your weather. James. >> Tracking the strong storms. This look like kind of crazy time lapse here in boca raton. You saw some sun. Some rain moved in. >> Some sun came back a dark clouds came back with some rain back into the picture, too. He was in some sprinkles out there right now. You see that down in the boca, but nothing real big that strongest storms are up on the treasure coast by far palm beach county settling down. Can’t rule out a stray shower flaring up here as we go into the evening. But for the most part, things winding down, you see most of it into a martin county from indiantown now pushing into stewart here going right up, kanner highway into stewart, strong thunderstorm moving into and that’s going to move right into port port st. Lucie are already moving into port port st. Lucie. You could see 40 miles per hour winds with this heavy torrential rainfall and a lot of lightning strikes closing in on fort pierce to and all this little area doesn’t see any rain right now. It’s going to get all converged upon here as this storm moves off towards the east and then eventually offshore here will see this push through jensen beach over hutchins island and then moving offshore there. Temperatures currently. Well, we don’t see the rains in the 80’s, but where we did. We cool down a little bit into the low 80’s rain. Chances are going to go here through about 8, 9 o’clock in after sunset we taper off and become partly cloudy overnight with low temperatures into the upper 70’s tomorrow, low 90’s, another round of showers and storms which time out for you coming up in a bit. James, thank you very much. We’ll take the wbtv first alert radar wherever you are. Just download the free wptv news app. You’ll also receive breaking weather alerts. >> Pushed right to your phone. Florida is the first state in the country to partner with prayer. You kids as an educational vendor, the conservative-leaning education media company ceo says their content is not controversial. They say it’s the truth. Wpd has chris gilmore spoke with her and others who disagree. The state department of education has a new partnership with prager u kids. That’s an education and entertainment company producing media videos. The state says those videos can be used with district discretion. The company ceo says that she’s combating a world agenda and the company’s already aware of some pushback. When those were trying to make sure that our content does it, make it into schools, they lie about you know, it’s simply disappointing because either they haven’t really watched our content and they’re making up lies. >> Or they have watched our content in there during the troops. >> Prager, u kids, youtube channel features titles, parents like michael chambers field makes sense. Now the top is good. >> I don’t know. Within. But if I do to yet topics to ownership of your life. Idols tail to the nasa after course use the finance institution course don’t want to one. >> Other parents like ed ben mallah gauge have a little more pass. I mean, because they’re owned by prayer and then obviously they’re going to have those same sort of leanings. They have the same parent company where the controversy seems to lie with prayer. You kids, parent company prager you they are separate youtube channel claims to promote pro american values and includes videos with titles like make men masculine again and just say merry christmas. We asked the state teachers will have access to this content as part of the deal. Waiting for a response and preview kids is what’s becoming an actual vendor in the state of florida. And that is the piece that they have approved. >> So it’s from the same organization, but it’s not the the educational piece and that turn key lesson plans that we produce our within the preview. Kids department. We asked the state for an interview regarding their partnership with breaker. You kids. Instead they sent us this statement saying the florida department of education review prayer, you kids. >> And determined the material aligns to florida’s revised civics and government