Newsmax | 20K Christians Write Congress: ‘Faith Makes America Stronger’

More than 20,000 Christian voters are calling on Congress to take actions that support issues important to them, including, “religious freedom for all, the sanctity and dignity of human life, the protection and strengthening of the family and marriage, and compassion and care for the least of those in our society.”

My Faith Votes, a nonpartisan group that encourages Christians to get involved politically, visited Congress to deliver the letter Monday.

“Open religious faith is truly good for our country,” the letter read. “And it is this foundation of religious liberty that made America the freest, most prosperous, and generous nation the world has ever known.”

The group also addressed caring for the poor: “A nation is ultimately judged by the way it cares for and lifts up those in need . . . helping the needy goes well beyond government assistance programs. We expect politicians to put forth policies to eliminate extreme poverty, combat unjust discrimination, and increase opportunity for all.”

The letter also called on lawmakers to take actions “supporting and protecting American families and marriages. If these institutions are strong, our nation will also be strong.”

The group also delivered an American Patriot’s Bible to each congressional lawmaker.

Dr. Ben Carson, now the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, was named the national chairman of My Faith Votes in March 2016.

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