Newsmax: Author Moore: Christian Genocide by ISIS Is ‘Its Own Kind of Auschwitz’

The numbers may be lower but the systematic killing of Christians and other religious minorities by the Islamic State (ISIS) is reminiscent of the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews were killed in Nazi Germany, author Johnnie Moore tells Newsmax TV.

The United States and the European Union have taken every misstep possible in not helping Christians and Yazidis escape and by allowing unchecked immigration from the area that is also allowing in Islamic terrorists, said Moore, author of the book “Defying ISIS.”

“I mean this is history repeating itself again,” Moore told host J.D. Hayworth. “It is its own kind of Auschwitz, where people were screaming about what was happening and no one was paying attention.”

Now, the dead bodies of slaughtered Christians are being found as ISIS loses some territories and others move back in.

“While the scale might be different to the Holocaust, the evil is absolutely the same,” said Moore, nothing that the Jewish community has been among the greatest advocates of Christians and Yazidis, “because they recognize what happens when we let this evil run amok.”

Muslims are being radicalized in European prisons, Moore added, and if more isn’t done by the EU, Europe will see more attacks like Paris and Brussels.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “in her unilateral decision-making, might have eliminated Europe, and that’s no exaggeration,” Moore said.

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