Newsmax | David Jeremiah: Hillary Must ‘Apologize to Catholics and Evangelicals’

Hillary Clinton should attend the Al Smith Dinner in New York only “to apologize to Catholics and evangelicals” Thursday for disparaging comments by her campaign in emails hacked by WikiLeaks, pastor and author Dr. David Jeremiah told Newsmax TV.

“If she had said about Muslims what she said about the Catholics, it would shut down the news industry,” Jeremiah, 75, a member of Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, told “Newsmax Prime” host J.D. Hayworth. “But it doesn’t happen.”

It honors former New York Gov. Al Smith, who was the first Catholic presidential candidate in 1928. The dinner was first held in 1945, a year after Smith’s death.

The event is hosted by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, who has also slammed Clinton for campaign manager John Podesta’s comments in the WikiLeaks release.

“I stand with Cardinal Dolan and others who are just embarrassed that somebody at that level would make the comments that were made known this week through WikiLeaks,” Jeremiah told Hayworth.

He is the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church just outside San Diego. He is the author of the new book, “People Are Asking … Is This The End?”

Jeremiah added he was “not shocked at all to learn that Hillary has absolutely no use for human life” because of her pro-choice responses on abortion during Wednesday’s debate.

“If she’s going to do that, she might as well just say it right out loud, and she did it pretty well last night in the debate.

“She does not understand that life begins at conception,” Jeremiah said. “She has no concept whatsoever of the biblical concept of life — and she went on record and it’s all out.

“Everybody knows it now.”

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