Newsmax | Dr. James Dobson: Dems Abuse Impeachment Process

Democratic politicians are abusing the impeachment inquiry process in their quest for more power, according to Dr. James Dobson, CBN reported Wednesday.

“Over the last several weeks, we have witnessed the dark side of our political process in action,” said Dobson, who is president and founder of the James Dobson Family Institute. “It is abundantly clear that certain politicians are more concerned with using the impeachment inquiry to score political points rather than to honor our constitutional system and seek the good of this nation.”

Dobson added he urges “Americans to contact their representatives and demand that they start thinking more about their country and less about their thirst for political power. And then pray! Pray for our country, pray for all of our leaders, and pray for God’s will to be done.”

Dobson’s comments come as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has announced the House of Representatives will vote Thursday on a resolution declaring the next steps in the impeachment process, including a procedure for holding public hearings.

“I think it’s them acknowledging at least tacitly that so far doing private, closed-door hearings has not worked out on a political level, ABC News Political Director Rick Klein told CBN’s Faith Nation program. “There’s been a lot of pressure from Republicans to say ‘put it all out there,’ so now we’ll begin to see what that process is.”

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