Newsmax | Religious Group Brings 5,600 Immigrants to Israel in 2017

In 2017, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews facilitated the immigration of 5,600 immigrants from 27 countries to Israel, a 25-percent increase from its 2016 numbers, according to a press release reported in The Jerusalem Post.

“Thanks to our millions of Christian friends in the U.S. and in countries from Brazil to South Korea, we are playing an increasingly active role in bringing new immigrants to their Jewish homeland,” said Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein in the press release, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“We look forward to bringing even more Jews home to Israel in 2018 and continuing to help build the Jewish state,” Eckstein added.

The 27 countries include Argentina, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and a country that cannot be named because of security issues, according to the release.

The group acts to bring immigrants from countries where Jewish communities are threatened by anti-Semitism, terrorism, or economic turbulence, according to the press release.

On Dec. 22, the fellowship announced in a press release that it had chartered a flight of 208 new Jewish immigrants from Ukraine, who then celebrated their first Hanukkah in Israel.

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