Newsmax | Rev. Moore Pleads For Mideast Christians to Get Refugee Priority

The prioritization of threatened, religious minorities in President Donald Trump’s executive order should be supported by everyone as an attempt to save Christians and others facing genocide, the Rev. Johnnie Moore writes in an opinion piece for Fox News.

“While politicians, pundits and judges spar over whether religious minorities ought to still be prioritized in the latest iteration of President Trump’s executive order on refugees, Islamic extremists continue to follow through on genocidal threats against Christians,” writes Moore, an author who is a leading spokesman for Christians in the Middle East.

Moore said that this has already resulted in the decimation of the Christian community in Syria, which is today only has one-fourth of the 2 million population it had there five years ago.
He noted that despite the clear genocidal threat faced by Christians, “only 77 Syrian Christians were admitted into the United States between January and November 2016, compared to 13,210 Muslims.”
While Moore acknowledged that Muslims also face danger and should be helped, he emphasized that “it is ethical and legal for the United States government to provide special assistance to those religious minorities who have been displaced, whose children have been sold into slavery, whose places of worship have been destroyed, and whose countless family members have been thrown into mass graves.”
He pleaded that critics who have political fights with Trump should not let that cloud their moral authority, insisting that, “while trying not to discriminate, [critics of Trump’s policy] would inadvertently choose to discriminate against some of the most vulnerable people in the world, those who have faced the threat of genocide.”

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