Newsmax |Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Urges Christians to Vote on ‘Platform, Principle’.

Hispanic evangelical leader Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is urging Christians to vote on “platform and principle” and not “personality” — appearing to give a nod to GOP nominee Donald Trump, The Christian Post reported.

At an event at Elevate Life Church in Frisco, Texas, Wednesday, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Councilwarned “a vote for the personality… that’s idolatry.”

“This election is critical,” he said, the Christian Post reported. “It’s a difficult one indeed. Its surreal in many respects. How do we vote when the personalities are so out there, when they are so wrong on both sides of the aisle?”

“It’s not the personality, where we vote for the personality,” he added. “In the words of [Covenant Church Founding Pastor] Michael Hayes, that’s idolatry.”

Instead, he insisted, Christians must vote on “platform and principle” to be “truly engaging our Christian faith.”

“Let’s compare the platforms, do your due diligence,” he said, urging scrutiny for policies that advance “the sanctity of life in and out of the womb, of family, of religious liberty, and to a great degree, making sure our government does not attempt to replace God.”

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