Newsmax: Trump Meets With Christian Conservatives in New York

Donald Trump is meeting with top Christian conservatives Tuesday as he tries to shore up their support in the general election.

Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, was scheduled to listen to some of the nation’s top social conservatives and evangelical leaders at a New York City hotel. After the meeting, The Hill reports Trump will hold a Q&A session with hundreds of other Christian conservatives, who will also lay out their policy views for him.

Christian group My Faith Votes is organizing the event, according to The Hill.

Trump is a Presbyterian and has been trying to garner the support of conservative Christians during the primary season. With his focus now shifting toward his likely nomination and the general election, his campaign is working harder to appeal to Christian voters.

“The challenge for Mr. Trump here is that these are not people who operate in a grey world. Everything here will be black and white,” Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd told The Hill. Floyd sits on the steering committee for Tuesday’s meeting.

“We want a champion in the White House who will fight for religious liberty, and that’s why we’re having this meeting: to discern what he believes.”

Trump also met with Christians earlier this month, telling them he is a better candidate than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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