Newsmax | Trump’s Evangelical Advisers Looking to Stem Vatican Criticism

President Donald Trump’s evangelical advisers are seeking a meeting with Pope Francis in the hopes of stopping the criticism coming from the Vatican.

Two of the pope’s associates, Antonio Spadaro Marcelo Figueroa, wrote in the Jesuit periodical La Civiltà Cattolica, which is overseen by the Holy See, that White House adviser Steve Bannon is a “supporter of an apocalyptic geopolitics,” and that he and the Council for National Policy follow a doctrine that “maintains a theocratic necessity: submit the state to the Bible with a logic that is no different from the one that inspires Islamic fundamentalism.”

Johnnie Moore, board member of the National Association of Evangelicals and an adviser to Trump, wrote a letter to Pope Francis on behalf of American evangelical leaders on Aug. 3 asking to meet with the Archdiocese of Washington and various intermediaries.

“Rather than being offended, we have chosen to attempt to make peace,” he wrote, according to Time. “We would be willing to get on a plane tomorrow to Rome to meet with whoever, whenever to create a space for dialogue instead of conflict.”

Moore said the White House was not involved in his choice to send the letter, and the Archdiocese of Washington declined to comment.

“We think it would be of great benefit to sit together and to discuss these things,” he adds. “Then, when we disagree we can do it within the context of friendship. Though, I’m sure we will find once again that we agree far more than we disagree, and we can work together with diligence on those areas of agreement.”

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